Why Do I Always Attract Insecure Guys?

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Why Do I Always Attract Insecure Guys?You may feel this overwhelming desire to help these guys overcome their insecurity.

There may be a part of you that can sense their insecurity.

You may want them to understand that they don’t have to be insecure with you. You believe that you are different and that they should feel comfortable trusting you.

You just know that you can be the solution if only they will let you in.

So this insecure guy becomes a project to you.

You are going to be the one to show him that he is loved and that he has nothing to fear.

This could be an approach you use when it comes to guys.

Oftentimes, you may just have a natural inclination to have this viewpoint with the guys that you attract because you have had to deal with insecurity in your own life.

Perhaps there are facets of your past that weren’t very good.

Perhaps there were events in your life that led to your sense of insecurity.

However, you were able to overcome the lasting effects of those effects and now you want this new guy in your life to know that he can overcome his insecurities as well.

Hence, you find yourself drawn to these insecure guys without even realizing it.

You just have a need to help. You have a need to make him succeed.

You want to be able to feel that sense of satisfaction when he is finally opening up to you and showing you so much of who he is.

You want to feel that satisfaction when he keeps telling you how much he loves you and how grateful he is that you were able to change his life.

This is one of the major reasons why you would tend to attract insecure guys.

Another reason why you may attract insecure guys is that they may sense that you would be the kind of girl that would be open to them.

Perhaps you are really patient and tend to be nice to everyone.

This may be an innate part of your nature.

This kind of attitude draws them in to you because they want someone who will make them feel good about themselves.

In other words, they interpret your niceness or politeness for someone that will be easy to latch onto emotionally.

These guys know that you most likely have a high level of tolerance and they really want to take advantage of that.

Hence, they may not initially show you that they are insecure because they don’t want to give that away too soon.

However, after they have interacted with you a few times and gotten the sense that you are the kind of person who would tolerate their insecurities, they begin to open up more.

Before you know it, you are dealing with yet another insecure guy and you are wondering what happened.

Sometimes, it is best to show a degree of strength when you are dealing with certain guys that seem as though they are trying to win over your sympathy.

The moment they notice that strength, many of these guys will turn the other way and avoid trying to take advantage of your kindness.

Be cognizant of everything that is happening here so that you know how strength plays a role in how insecure guys react to you.

By learning how that affects your interactions with insecure guys, you will be able to ascertain what other areas of your persona may be causing this effect on mostly insecure guys.

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