Is He Still Interested?

Is He Still Interested?

He is still interested when he is communicating with you on a regular basis and asking you out on dates.

He is still interested when he is continuously asking you questions about yourself and trying to get to know you better.

He is still interested when he is invested in your goals and is always encouraging you to reach them.

He is still interested when he is introducing you to his family and friends and genuinely wants to meet your own family and friends.

These are just a few of the signs that show that he is still interested in you.

If you feel that he may no longer be interested in you because he is no longer calling you or texting you the way he used to, you may be right.

However, you also have to take a look at how you have been behaving.

The problem may not necessarily be that he has lost interest in you but that he may be wanting an adjustment from you.

If your conversations with him are always about the same topics, he will eventually get bored of them.

If you are always cracking the same kind of jokes, he will eventually get bored of those too.

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If you are always telling him about a particular friend or family member that you are close to, he will get bored.

Yes, he wants more spice in what you say.

He wants to hear new topics.

He wants to hear new jokes.

He wants to learn about friends and family members that you haven’t told him about yet.

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Oftentimes, it is not so much that he has lost interest but that he just wants you to spice things up.

If you both tend to go to the same places to hang out or do the same activities, you can take the initiative in changing things up.

He may not have suggested anything new because he thinks that you would rather stick to the same old activities as they are within your comfort zone.

If you are open to doing activities that are out of the box or unusual, you should totally let him know that.

Perhaps you have a love for going surfing, rafting or being out in the wilderness.

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Whatever it is, let him know this.

This may be the kind of spark that he has been waiting for.

He may realize that you are actually game for doing other things and that may be all he needs to begin to feel his interest in you begin to grow again.

You really need to look at all these factors.

He may have even given you clues along the way by telling you about certain activities that he engages in during his free time in past conversations.

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He may have never suggested doing them with you because you never show any interest in them.

Now is your opportunity to do so.

Taking these kind of measures could really help your relationship and put you on a much better trajectory.

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