5 Months Of No Contact. Is It Over?

5 Months Of No Contact. Is It Over?Yes.

If he hasn’t contacted you in 5 months, he is showing that you are not in his thoughts all that much, if at all.

He is showing that you aren’t a priority to him and he would rather be engaged in other activities to fill up his day. When he takes this long to contact you, he is not showing an interest in your well-being.

Anything could have happened to you in these 5 months that he would not be aware of because he never bothered to check in with you.

He is showing that he has a very casual attitude when it comes to thinking about you.

There is no sense of urgency.

He may believe that he will contact you when he feels like it.

This is not the attitude of someone who wants to be with you on a serious level.

Now, 5 months of no contact doesn’t mean that you will never hear from him again.

Indeed, you may.

He may get into a situation where he is newly single and he begins to think about people from his past.

He may remember you and wonder what you have been up to all these months.

Are you single?

When he is thinking this, he is not really caring about your well-being both mentally and physically.

He is mostly thinking about his own well-being mentally and physically.

He is newly single and doesn’t like it.

He is looking at you as a possible source of relief from his problem.

However, thinking in this way only makes you a temporary solution.

After all, he only began to think of you again after he became newly single.

If he was to contact you again and you were to give in, he would most likely leave the relationship when he has had his fill and has found someone else to replace you.

Again, you would be a temporary fix.

Unfortunately for you, you gave in and believed that he was back for good.

Now you are left heartbroken and in a much worse emotional state than you were when you first lost contact with him for those 5 months.

This is unfortunately where so many people find themselves when they have been recontacted by someone after several months.

They initially give in, believing that the person truly cares about them and wants to give a relationship a chance.

The truth is, the person came back for convenience.

Hence, you have to begin to allow yourself to understand that this distance in time is indication enough of how this person regards you.

If you keep wondering whether it is over, you would be latching onto the hope of the relationship being rekindled when in fact you should be steering clear of that possibility.

I know it is hard to understand that someone can be this uncaring, especially when you care about them.

However, you can only be true to yourself and judge other people based on how they treat you.

He has shown exactly what he thinks about you and your lack of importance to him.

This is something that you need to seriously take into account and understand.

No matter how badly you want his feelings to be different, you can’t change those feelings by sheer will simply because you may have feelings for him.

Based on his actions, it may be time to let this go.


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