When Meeting Someone For The First Time, Would You Rather Go Get A Cup Of Coffee Or A Drink?

When Meeting Someone For The First Time, Would You Rather Go Get A Cup Of Coffee Or A Drink?

A cup of coffee is typically the best place to start.

It enables the both of you to be clear-headed enough to communicate and thereby avoid getting yourselves into a situation that may embarrass you or ruin the date.

Getting a drink can happen later, after you have both gotten better acquainted and you feel a level of comfort with each other.

Now, some people choose to go get a drink the first time around of meeting someone and they do it because it is what they are used to doing.

They may never have had any issues come out of it.

However, never having had any major issues come out of it doesn’t mean that they can’t happen one day.

You never really know how well the person that you are about to meet for the first time handles alcohol.

You may be very good at knowing your limit and staying within that amount but the person that you are dating may not.

Hence, it is always wise to err on the side of caution when you are first meeting someone and get a cup of coffee instead.

Getting a cup of coffee has a number of other advantages besides avoiding the inebriation and thereby possible humiliation of your date.

Getting coffee also gives you a laid back environment that you can really get to know your date in.

The environment has an ambiance to it that really helps to set the mood.

It can make you feel a lot less pressure. You just allow yourself to enjoy each other’s company and get to know one another.

It doesn’t cause you to stick to some kind of amount that you have to drink. You don’t have to have multiple cups of coffee because your one cup is typically sufficient.

Getting drinks on the other hand often makes you believe that you have to have multiple drinks or shots just to have made the trip worth it.

In these scenarios, the drinking then becomes the focal point of the date instead of what is actually being said and the importance of getting to know each other better.

Whereas, with getting a cup of coffee, you can both relax with that one cup and not feel the pressure of having to get more.

You can drink at leisure and in so doing give each other a real opportunity to talk and truly pay attention to what is being said.

Getting a drink isn’t always conducive to being able to pay the utmost attention to what your date is telling you.

It may have started that way in the beginning but as the night wears on and you or your date are on the third or fourth glass of a drink, both your attention spans begin to loosen and you are both really missing out on certain details that you are both telling each other.

Thereby, to play it safe, stick to getting a cup of coffee when you meet this person for the first time.

In this kind of environment, you would give yourself the best opportunity to ascertain whether this is a person you truly get along with and would want to meet again.

You would also be able to interact with this person while knowing that you would have the better chance of getting more sincere responses as opposed to inebriated responses.

Getting a cup of coffee may not sound all that exciting but it really does work in getting the both of you to truly communicate in an environment that is more conducive toward rapport building.

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