I Have A Boyfriend But My Ex Keeps Calling?

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I Have A Boyfriend But My Ex Keeps Calling?

Your ex may keep calling you, but what are you doing in response to that?

Are you answering those calls?

If you are, there may be a part of you that still wants to be with your ex.

This is where you really have to be honest with yourself about how you really feel about your ex in comparison to your current boyfriend.

If you are answering those calls from your ex, why are you?

What is making you respond to them?

Think about that thoroughly.

If you really wanted to be done with your ex, you wouldn’t respond to those calls at all.

If you are, there is something that goes a lot deeper than what you may be willing to admit at this time.

If on the other hand, you haven’t responded to any of your ex’s calls, you would need to simply continue doing that.

If you really want nothing to do with your ex and you had made it very clear to them upon the break up that this was the case, you would have to ignore those calls.

If you were to answer them even if it were to tell them to stop calling you, you would embolden them to keep calling because you did respond.

Basically, you would feed that need to hear from you.

They may have that need.

Once that need is met because you have now responded to them, they would feel encouraged to keep calling or contacting you in some way.

Again, if you decisively ended the relationship, you should ignore those calls.

It’s a little different if you didn’t decisively end the relationship.

If for some reason you told your ex that you just needed space or gave him some other kind of excuse or just went ghost on him, you may have to tell him definitively that the relationship is over.

I know you may be upset about having to do this but there are some people who simply have to hear the words that state that the relationship is over.

If you don’t give them those words, they may hold on to any kind of hope based on emotion.

This is why you should always end relationships firmly and clearly.

When someone is filled with emotion, they may be simply too unwilling to accept the truth even though you believe that you dropped enough hints.

Again, you may find yourself in this kind of position when you haven’t been a hundred percent clear on your intentions that the relationship is indeed over.

Something else that you would have to consider is the possibility that your ex keeps calling because he believes that you are with this new boyfriend either as a rebound or to spite him.

You will have to truly consider this as well.

How quickly did you get into a relationship with your current boyfriend after your previous relationship with your ex ended?

If it was relatively fast, there may be truth to your ex’s reasoning.

Was it done on a rebound?

Was it done to spite your ex?

You see, if it was done for these reasons, you would have started your relationship with this current boyfriend on a very weak foundation.

This is why oftentimes exes keep getting back together, breaking up, then getting back together again.

When they act out of emotion in quickly entering a new relationship after a break up, they never really give themselves enough time to heal and think things through in a rational way.

This is when exes get into new relationships as a rebound or out of spite that ultimately don’t last.

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