When A Guy Says His Day Has Gotten Nicer Talking To You?

When A Guy Says His Day Has Gotten Nicer Talking To You?He may be telling you that you are the brightest part of his day.

When he tells you that his day has gotten nicer talking to you, he may be trying to get you to see that you mean a lot to him.

He may actually think of you on a daily basis. It just happens without much effort. You just pop up in his mind and stay there literally for the entirety of his day.

He knows that he loves talking to you.

He may realize that he hasn’t really had a complete day unless you are a part of it.

He wants that interaction with you because you may honestly make him feel really good.

When a guy gives you this kind of compliment he is conveying the message that this is not just about physical attraction.

There is more to this than that.

You are affecting him on an emotional level.

This is how far things have gotten.

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When you are making his day nicer, you are affecting him emotionally.

You actually play an important role in how his day goes.

If he has only told you this once, you did make his day brighter and nicer.

However, this may have simply been a one time occurrence.

If you find that he tends to tell you this often, this is when you know that you are actually quite an active part of his consciousness on a daily basis.

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If he did tell you this once however, he may have also done so to gauge how you react to it.

He may have been trying to tell you that he really liked you but wasn’t quite willing to be entirely forthright.

Hence, he told you that his day has gotten nicer talking to you in order to see how you react to it.

If he notices that you react with a smile and you are positive, you may encourage him to keep telling you how special you are to him.

He may read this as a sign that you are open and willing to possibly go out on a date with him in the near future.

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That is possible. However, if you didn’t react in a very positive manner or you were somewhat nonchalant about what he said, he may read that as a sign that you are not interested in him on a romantic level.

You do need to think back to how you responded to him when he told you this.

If you smiled and perhaps gave him a compliment in return, he may be a lot more open to talking to you in the future and asking you out on a date.

Oftentimes when a guy tells you something like this, he is testing the waters.

He may suspect that you like him but he may not be entirely sure of how far you are willing to take it.

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When he talks like this, he is looking for some enthusiasm from you.

He may also be looking for a way to come right out and ask you out.

The moment he gets the sense that you are responding in a positive way, this may be what he needs to embolden him and ask you out on an official date.

So you should really ensure that you give him a positive response if you really do like him.

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