Do Guys Actually Enjoy Not Being In A Relationship?

Do Guys Actually Enjoy Not Being In A Relationship?

It really depends on the kind of guy you are dealing with and oftentimes what stage he is in his life.

The younger and more attractive he is, the less likely he would be willing to get into a relationship.

In his late teens to early twenties he is in the process of growing and maturing as a person.

If he is attractive and has a lot of options when it comes to girls, it will be a lot harder for him to simply settle down.

He may want to experience as much as he can right now while he is still younger.

This is where you find that a lot of attractive guys at this stage who get a lot of female attention can often bounce from girl to girl without any desire to truly commit.

He has options and wants to use them.

A guy who may not be as attractive may be more willing to settle down with a girl and be in a relationship.

He doesn’t have as many options in girls as the attractive guys.

He may not be as popular as the attractive guys as well.

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A guy like this is happy with the right kind of attention from the girl he finds attractive and may want to focus on her and her only.

A guy who may not be particularly attractive but is very popular can still fall into the category of the attractive guys.

A guy like this would have more options when it comes to girls as well.

He is popular and girls tend to be attracted to that.

A guy like this may get into relationships from time to time but they may rarely last. Again, he has options, he is younger and he is taking full advantage.

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An older guy(late twenties and beyond) may be a better option when it comes to seeking out a long-term relationship.

Even if he is attractive, he has mentally matured for the most part and may be looking to settle down at this stage in his life.

He has gone through the women and knows what to expect.

He is no longer that kid in a candy store.

He has pretty much tasted everything that candy store has to offer at this stage and he now just wants to be with that one special candy.

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At this stage in his life, he may have more responsibilities as well.

He is several years out of college and may have college loans he is paying off.

He is no longer living with his parents and has to pay bills.

He may be commuting to work and has to take care of his mode of transportation.

He may be working toward that promotion at work so that he can get ahead and ultimately put a down payment on that new house.

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In other words, he is at a totally different stage and mode of thinking in his life.

This is when he would be prone to being in a relationship and enjoying it because he would want to be with someone that he can relate with in some way.

He would want someone to be on this journey with him. He would want someone to tell him that he is doing a good job from time to time when things become overbearing.

This is a guy who would typically relish being in a relationship.

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