Am I Wasting My Time On A Younger Guy?

Am I Wasting My Time On A Younger Guy?

You may be wasting your time on a younger guy when you find that you both want two different things out of this relationship.

He may be in a totally different phase of his life than you are.

The greater your age difference, the more distinct this phase may be.

In other words, you may have already been through what he is going through right now.

You may have gotten the partying and indecision with where you want your life to go out of your system.

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He may not have.

This can be a major problem when you want more out of a relationship and this younger guy doesn’t seem capable of giving it.

Your emotions and desires may get the better of you at this moment.

You may want so badly for this younger guy to be where you are mentally that you just hope that each day gets him closer to that outcome.

You may even try to force it along by trying to teach him life’s lessons that you learned at his age.

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You do this in the hopes that he can get over this phase and just skip right over to the next.

In essence, you would be hoping that he literally matures overnight.

That isn’t how this whole thing really works.

Indeed, there are some younger guys who are very mature for their age.

They are already driven and know what they want out of life.

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You won’t have to do too much pushing to get these kind of guys to meet you where you are mentally.

They may already be there or are just a few willing steps away.

If this isn’t the kind of younger guy that you are dealing with, you will find it very difficult to change him.

Again, he is still dealing with life as he knows it.

He may still be young enough(early twenties) where his brain is still biologically developing and he hasn’t quite come to terms with how to handle his emotions.

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You will be in trouble when you stick with a guy like this under the premise that you can force him to change.

He would only become bitter at the fact that you want him to grow up quicker than he is capable of doing and this may jeopardize your relationship with him.

If you feel that this is a guy who is simply too tied up in his immaturity right now, you may be better off leaving him and moving on if you are looking for a more substantive long-term relationship.

The danger that people in your situation often experience is when they tell themselves that things will get better and he will soon get over this phase.

The truth is, you simply don’t know how long it will take for him to do so.

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You may believe that since you went through that phase when you were younger and got over it relatively quickly, he will do the same.

Well, he is not you and he is not necessarily going to mature at the same pace that you did.

You are better off letting this one go and moving on.

The sooner you do, the sooner you are able to put yourself in a position where you can meet the right guy for you.


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