Messed Up Third Date, Do I Have A Chance?

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Messed Up Third Date, Do I Have A Chance?

You may not have messed up on the third date.

You may be so into this girl that you are worried that there was something that you said or did wrong.

Remember that this may simply be your insecurities messing with your mind.

When a person likes someone a whole lot, they may become overly anxious.

They may read into things that happened on that third date and believe that those occurrences were bad when they really weren’t.

This may be you.

You may want so badly to do right by this girl that you are interpreting the worst out of that third date.

She may not have shown you the same kind of energy or excitement on the third date as she did the first or second.

You may look at this after the fact and decide that you messed up.

You may draw the conclusion that you must have done something wrong in that third date to make this girl not give you the kind of energy and enthusiasm that she gave you in the first and second date.

Well, this may not at all be the case.

The truth is that, she may have been very nervous or anxious in those first two dates and may have tried to overcompensate by being very energetic.

However, she may have been doing this so as not to come off as nervous.

She may have been trying to hide that by showing the excitement that would prevent you from noticing that her hands were shaking or her voice was about to break at certain moments.

Now that she made it to a third date with you, she may now feel a lot more comfortable.

She may be coming back down to her normal. In other words, the girl you got on the third date may be who she really is.

She may have gotten rid of the nerves and is now simply being herself.

This is why you shouldn’t immediately cast judgment about how your third date went.

If you ask her out on a fourth date and she agrees, she is clearly showing that you didn’t mess up.

You should avoid getting too carried away with self-doubt and ensure that you continue the dating process by asking her out on a fourth date.

On the flip side, if you truly messed up on that third date and you know that you did because she showed it through her body language, you will have to use this as a lesson.

Perhaps you made a move that was too aggressive that she responded to in a negative way.

Perhaps you brought up a particular topic that clearly made her feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps you brought her to an event that she absolutely detested without clearing that with her first.

Well, you will have to learn from this experience by not making the same mistakes again with future girls that you go on dates with.

Is there still a chance that this particular girl will come around and still want to date you?

If she was that unhappy with the third date, it is unlikely. However, don’t look at this as a total loss.

Look at it as a learning experience.

A learning experience can ultimately get you to a place where you know how to act and what to expect out of certain situations.

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