How To Not Be Attracted To My Girlfriend’s Sister?

How To Not Be Attracted To My Girlfriend's Sister?

Be focused on your relationship with your girlfriend and avoid allowing yourself to get carried away when your girlfriend’s sister is around your presence.

To avoid getting attracted to your girlfriend’s sister, you really have to start focusing on ways you can make your relationship with your girlfriend more interesting and exciting.

You will have to break out of the rut of doing the same old activities.

One of the reasons why people in relationships get attracted to someone else is because they reach that place of complacency in their relationship.

You get to a place where you feel so comfortable with your partner that you just want to play it safe because everything seems to be flowing.

However, this is a dangerous way to go about being in a relationship.

It creates boredom.

This will often lead to complacency.

You are too comfortable. You are so comfortable that you get lazy.

You don’t want to try anything out of the ordinary.

You just want to do what you have always done.

Well, now that you know what to expect, you no longer have that fire of energy that you used to have.

Remember what it was like when you first met the girl who is now your girlfriend?

Remember how excited you were about getting to know her and discovering what made her unique?

Remember how badly you wanted to impress her?

Well, you may have lost that gusto and energy.

Once you lose something like that, it is easy to start looking elsewhere.

Your eyes begin to wonder.

You start looking at your girlfriend’s sister and realize that she has something that you are missing in your relationship with your girlfriend.

She has a spark or a sense of mystery about her that is so enticing.

It may even remind you of that energy you felt when you first started dating or talking to your current girlfriend.

You want that experience back.

You want to know what it feels like to get to know someone totally new all over again.

You wonder where that smile came from and what she was thinking.

You want to know if she can relate to you in some way.

There are so many questions in your head because you are curious about this girl.

This is how you begin to lose sight of your own relationship and you will find yourself becoming more and more attracted to your girlfriend’s sister.

This is why you will have to be very cognizant of your thoughts whenever she comes into mind or she is in your physical presence.

You will have to keep those thoughts in check.

You will have to redirect those thoughts to thoughts of your girlfriend.

Figure out what other experiences you will like to have with your girlfriend and start doing them.

Ask her questions about herself that you never have.

Expose her to new environments and observe how she responds to them.

Take a chance by encouraging her to tell you something new about herself every time you talk to her or go out with her.

Start doing some activities with her that she often does but you tend to avoid. Open yourself up to trying these activities so that you can find more areas to relate with her.

The more you try to invigorate your relationship and stay focused on it, the less distraction you will have.

Eventually, the attraction to your girlfriend’s sister will go away and you will be totally focused on your girlfriend.

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