Is It Normal To Feel So Much Less Of A Person Knowing You’ve Never Been In A Relationship?

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Is It Normal To Feel So Much Less Of A Person Knowing You've Never Been In A Relationship?

Some people do feel as though they are less than a person because they have never been in a relationship.

It is quite common to meet people that feel this way.

As human beings, we tend to gravitate toward other human beings.

We don’t want to be alone. We want to fit in.

As a person, you will notice how others who are in relationships seem to be happy.

It appears as though this person has all his worries washed away and couldn’t be happier with his life.

You envy that.

You envy the fact that someone else has found him and considers him to be worthy of loving and being cared for.

However, there you stand.

You have never been in a relationship.

You have never been seen by someone else as a person who is worthy of being loved.

At least, no one else has acted on that emotion if they have felt it.

So, you feel less of a person.

You feel less of a person as you continue to observe couples live and breath around you.

You ask yourself why someone else can’t find you just as worthy.

Listen, you do need to understand that oftentimes your craving to be in a relationship is what leads to people being turned off.

People don’t want to get into relationships where they feel like they will be doing all the heavy-lifting.

A person doesn’t want to feel as though he is rescuing you from something.

When you are so unhappy and feel less of a person because you have never been in a relationship, people can sense that unhappiness.

He doesn’t want to go near it.

He doesn’t want to introduce that unhappiness into his life by dating you.

Most people want to enter relationships where there is a synergy and a mutual caring.

If he notices that you are this unhappy, he may be worried that this is how you will be if he were to get into a relationship with you.

Relationships are challenging enough.

If he is to get into one with you, he would hope that you would both be equals.

You would both be ready to face the challenge.

However, when you are showing this kind of lack in yourself, he knows that he will be the one who is going to have to constantly lift your spirits up.

He will have to be the one who is constantly reassuring you that you are loved and everything is going to be alright.

That is a lot of hard work.

Most people want to avoid being put in this kind of position when they are considering entering a relationship.

Hence, you need to observe your behavior when you are on your own and even around others.

If you notice that your spirits tend to be down, you will need to correct this if you hope to be in a relationship one day.

Stop focusing on relationships right now and focus on building your sense of self-worth.

Do this by challenging yourself each day to complete a small task that you otherwise wouldn’t have done.

It could be picking up a book and reading a few pages or learning a few words in a new language daily.

Start challenging yourself.

As time goes on, you will gain more self-assurance as you complete each daily task.

This will help you stop feeling like you are less of a person.

Eventually, people will notice your self-assurance and will want to talk to you and possibly date you.

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