Would You Date A Friend’s Sibling?

Would You Date A Friend's Sibling?

Dating a friend’s sibling is not uncommon.

Sometimes people will consciously hook up a friend with their sibling simply because they know this friend well and believe that this friend would be a good partner for their sibling.

If you feel awkward about dating a friend’s sibling, you should ask yourself why that is.

Perhaps you feel that this would almost be like dating your own sibling.

Perhaps you believe that this is simply too close to home.

Sure, some people can feel strange about this.

However, do understand that this is often due to your own anxiety.

You may truly be worried about the awkwardness of it all.

However, your friend may have no problem with it.

If your friend is fine with you dating his sibling, he has given you his seal of approval.

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If you were to continue feeling strange about it, you may actually end up making your friend feel like there is something wrong with his sibling.

Your friend may believe that you are dating his sibling reluctantly.

This may make your friend worry about his sibling and how his sibling may end up getting hurt.

If your friend believes that you are not being sincere in dating his sibling, he may worry that you will end up breaking his sibling’s heart.

This may actually create anxiety to the point that leads to friction within your own friendship.

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This is why you truly have to be sure about what you want to do.

If you are going to date your friends’s sibling, you should do it wholeheartedly without any reservations.

Your friend will sense if you are feeling awkward about it and this is where the rift can begin to start taking place.

Thereby, you do need to be certain about how you will approach this.

If you choose to date your friend’s sibling, you will need to do so with enthusiasm and a willingness to let the relationship develop in a healthy fashion.

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If you don’t want to date your friend’s sibling, you should be honest about it from the start.

Avoid making your friend believe that there is some interest there.

If you were to do so, your friend may tell his sibling about your interest. His sibling may get very excited about the interest.

Your friend may also be encouraged about his sibling’s happiness at this news.

However, once it is discovered that you were never truly sincere in the first place about how you felt about your friend’s sibling, you could end up hurting both your friend and your friend’s sibling.

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Hence, you should avoid setting any kind of expectations that you don’t truly feel.

Being honest in this situation is your best route of action.

If you continue to feel negative about dating your friend’s sibling, you shouldn’t start dating this sibling.

You have too much negativity going on within your thoughts.

Your friend’s sibling shouldn’t be someone you start dating because you think this is something that your friend or the sibling wants.

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You have to be sincere about what you truly want before making a move.

If you aren’t, you will wind up hurting people and possibly losing your friend.

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