Would You Want Your Mom To Live With You Forever In Your House With Your Significant Other And Children?

Would You Want Your Mom To Live With You Forever In Your House With Your Significant Other And Children?

This really depends on the kind of relationship that both parties have with the mom.

There are some families that are able to do this and it works out well for them.

It works out in these scenarios because both you and your partner have found the benefit in having your mother or hers around the house.

People in general will often do this because the mother may be able to help with babysitting the children when they have to be at work.

She may be able to take the children to appointments that they can’t go on because they can’t get the time off work.

The mother may even be able to help them with bills.

If she is still earning income or receiving a pension, she may be able to chip in and help with bills around the house.

This alleviates the financial pressure that comes with running a household with children.

Hence, there is typically a cost/benefit analysis that goes into these decisions that can be beneficial to your partnership as a whole.

However, the best approach is always with something that both you and your partner have mutually agreed to.

If the mother were to live with you because this was what your partner wanted and you didn’t, it can cause friction in your relationship.

You may not want the mom to be there and she is.

She may be getting involved in your business and you don’t like that.

These kind of arrangements work out the best when both partners wholeheartedly agree that this would be for the best.

You should also consider how things will be once the children are older.

The mom may now start doing more with her own friends.

She may develop a stronger sense of independence now that the children are off at school or able to take care of themselves.

She may even begin to ask you whether you are still okay with her being around.

At this point, she may not entirely be certain of what her function is in your relationship.

The children are no longer dependent and she is living with two other adults.

This is typically when you will get to a crossroads in this experience.

However, sometimes things still work out and the mom ends up staying on because there has been a rapport that has been built up over time.

There may also be a feeling of gratitude for how she has contributed to your household over the years.

As a result, you may both want to return the favor especially now that she is getting older and may require more of your attention with her health.

This can work for some and may not for others.

This is why you really have to consider all of the major scenarios that can occur with this kind of arrangement.

You are better off when this decision is mutual. You are also better off when you have both thought it through.

Sometimes these kind of arrangements work best when the mom has a totally separate section of the house that she lives in.

This helps to maintain privacy both for her and for you and your partner.


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