How Do I Restart My Dating Life?

How Do I Restart My Dating Life?

Before trying to restart your dating life, you should be certain that you want to date.

The danger that many face in your situation is in restarting their dating life when they are not truly ready to do so.

She does it because she is under pressure from friends or family who keep telling her to start dating again.

They convince her that her life would be so much better with a significant other in it.

They pressure her because they believe that they know what’s best for her.

Their intentions are good.

However, they are not in her head.

They don’t know if she is truly ready to restart her dating life.

All they know is what they think would be the best for her because they themselves are probably also in relationships.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to restart your dating life simply because you feel pressure from those who are close to you.

You are the only one who truly knows how you feel emotionally.

You are the only one who knows what goes through your mind when you think about restarting your dating life.

If you typically feel anxiety or fear when you think about restarting your dating life, this could be for a reason.

It is your job to be patient and figure out where the anxiety or fear is coming from.

Perhaps your last relationship ended badly and you worry that any new relationship would follow the same trajectory.

If this is the case, you should figure out what went wrong in that relationship.

Start from the beginning and work your way through it.

Were you initially blinded by his physical appeal?

Did you want to get into a relationship so badly that you got into it too quickly without allowing yourself the opportunity to get to know him better as a person?

Were you filled with so many expectations that were simply not met when you got into the relationship?

Was he verbally abusive to you to the point where you struggled with your self-esteem?

If you had these experiences, you should take a step back and realize that you would be better off not repeating the same mistakes.

You have to learn from your past in order to move forward with your future in dating.

Be more patient in getting to know a guy before entering a relationship with him.

Respect yourself and avoid guys who are verbally abusive toward you.

Don’t get blinded by how attractive he is initially.

Understand that there are several layers to a person and the outside is only one of them.

These lessons can take you far in helping you decide whether you should restart your dating life.

Only when you have come to terms with your own emotions and you have learned from your past should you consider restarting your dating life.

It is very crucial that you do this.

If you don’t spend this time doing what needs to be done internally, you will simply enter relationships where you make the same mistakes.


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