Does My Friend Want Me?

Does My Friend Want Me?If you have noticed that your friend tends to want to be with you on a one on one basis quite often, they may want you.

It is important to observe their body language when they are with you in these one on one situations.

Does your friend touch you from time to time and linger when they do?

Your friend may place a hand on your arm and linger for a while before taking it off.

They may also stay within your personal space so that there isn’t much room between the both of you.

They may brush something off your hair or flick something off your shirt from time to time.

These are all very strong body language signs that your friend may want you.

Something else that you can observe is how your friend acts when you are around members of the opposite sex.

Do you notice that your friend tends to become somewhat protective?

Perhaps they notice that you are getting too physically close to that person and they decide to get in the middle or grab your attention in some way.

This is very strong proof that your friend wants you.

Your friend is clearly showing that they would much rather have the biggest share of your attention without anyone else getting in the way.

Another way you can tell that your friend wants you is in how nosy they get about your personal life.

They may ask you directly about who you may or may not be seeing or they may go to your other friends to get this information.

You may notice that they always seem to come back to this topic or try to introduce it as a topic of discussion even when you both may have been talking about something completely different and unrelated.

Your friend may even ask you about your past romantic relationships and try to relate to you with their own past relationships.

In essence, what they may try to do is create parallels and similarities about your past relationships.

They may tell you that their past relationship was just like that.

They may tell you that they experienced the same problem that you had or they had a similar looking person.

This is your friend trying to connect and make you see that you both have the same tastes.

In doing this, your friend is hoping that you get the hint and feel the connection that they are trying show.

Another great way to tell if your friend wants you is if you notice that your friend is always trying to be on their best behavior and look their best when they are around you.

They may even spruce themselves up by wearing nicer outfits or constantly getting their hair and make-up done whenever they know that they are going to be around you.

You may notice that they are always complimenting you and saying nice things.

Perhaps you wore something different today.

They may throw a lot of compliments your way because of it.

Perhaps you said something insightful today.

Your friend may throw loud praise your way as though you were the next Albert Einstein. In essence, there is an exaggeration of even the most mundane.

This is your friend showing you that they want you.

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