Would You Be Intimidated To Approach A Hot Person?

Would You Be Intimidated To Approach A Hot Person?

Most people would be intimidated to approach anyone they don’t know let alone a hot person.

A hot person would elicit even more doubt.

This is true especially when the person who is thinking about doing the approaching believes that he is less attractive than the hot person.

This in and of itself can cause a lot of intimidation and anxiety.

This being said, you do have to understand that the hot person is still merely human.

This hot person is a person who has flaws like everyone else.

She may be worried about the impression she gives off.

She may have had bad relationships in her past that were based on the allure of her physical appearance.

These relationships failed time and time again because there was never any foundation beneath them.

Once the initial excitement of physical attraction had worn off and personalities began to take center stage, the relationships couldn’t stand and collapsed.

This could be the history of this hot person.

She may truly be one of those who has never had the opportunity to have someone stick around long enough because they are done once the initial excitement wears off.

This may have caused her to feel doubtful about her value as a person.

Yes, these are thoughts that are not uncommon among hot people.

You have to understand that a hot person comes with history.

That history may be good or bad.

She may want a person who will look beyond her physical beauty and see her for who she is.

She may even want to learn more about who she is as a romantic partner and she may have never had this opportunity because she just can’t seem to get past the first 6 months of a relationship.

This is the hot person you are intimidated to approach.

This is the hot person that you have put up on a pedestal based on her outward appearance.

This is the hot person you believe to be perfect and impervious to life’s challenges.

In the end, this hot person is human.

She comes with her own life experiences that has shaped her into becoming who she is today.

She may have a shield up because she has been hurt in the past.

On the flip side, she may not have a shield up because she just wants to stay positive in the hopes that she can find someone real who will accept her for who she is.

You just don’t know what this hot person comes with.

Thereby, it is always best to look at this hot person as simply a person who has flaws like everyone else.

She has had her good and bad days in life just like everyone else.

When you can start looking at her in this capacity, you will feel a lot less intimidated by approaching her.

This kind of mindset will actually put you ahead of the pack.

Everyone else has already put her in a box in their heads.

However, you haven’t done that.

As far as you are concerned, she is an open book that you are about to start reading based on your interaction with her.

By maintaining this kind of mindset, you will be able to approach any hot person you want without being intimidated.

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