What To Do When You’re Tempted To Text The Guy Who Never Called You When He Said He Would?

What To Do When You're Tempted To Text The Guy Who Never Called You When He Said He Would?

If you are tempted to text this guy, go on and do it.

A guy isn’t always going to do what he said he was going to do.

If he barely knows you and hasn’t had the opportunity to build some rapport with you, he would be less likely to keep his word.

If this thing is bugging you this much, you can try to start a conversation with him by texting him.

Don’t send him some generic text that doesn’t lead anywhere.

You should avoid texting him something like, “Hi, what’s up?” This is too generic.

You are not really giving him a reason to respond.

You should send a text that is more open-ended so that he is more enticed to respond.

If you were to send a text that read something like, “When was the last time you went on a road trip?”, you would be asking an open-ended question.

His answer will give you the opportunity to start a conversation.

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You will need to be this kind of specific or intent on your text.

The idea is to get him to start a conversation with you.

If you were to send him a generic text that doesn’t lead anywhere, he may simply glance at it and ignore it.

Even if he responds, it would be a generic response that doesn’t have much excitement to it.

Thereby, if you were to respond to his response, he may ignore that second message.

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The conversation would really fizzle out before it even really began.

Remember that he hasn’t had the chance to establish an emotional connection with you yet.

He is still very much in the early stages of getting to know you.

Your intention should be to give yourself the best opportunity for not just a response but a well-thought out response that could lead to further discussion.

Again, if you decide to send the text, you should focus on starting an open-ended discussion by asking an open-ended question.

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Try not to take the fact that he didn’t call you when he said he would personally.

A guy does this often.

Sometimes it could genuinely be because he got really busy and forgot. He may need to be reminded.

Other times, he may do it because he wasn’t sure about the girl.

He may have felt like he liked her but wasn’t sure if she felt the same way.

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In order to avoid an awkward moment or pursuing something that really isn’t there, he may have chosen not to call. However, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested.

He may be hoping that the girl calls or texts him in order to make him feel like the feeling of interest is mutual.

There are also guys who do this because they may have felt strong interest in the moment but once that moment was over, the interest suddenly dissipated.

In other words, the interaction was great but once he was done with the interaction, the feeling just got extinguished.

Oftentimes, this may occur right after the interaction.

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He may not even have been aware that he would react this way until it happened.

He simply lost the spark and realized that he didn’t have the will to call.

You are better off texting and leaving it at that so as to get this over and done with.

If he responds, great. If he doesn’t, you have your answer and you can move on.

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