Ex Knows She Loves Me But Doesn’t Know If She’s In Love With Me. What Should I Do?

Unfortunately, your ex is not in love with you, as she would know if she was.

Ex Knows She Loves Me But Doesn't Know If She's In Love With Me. What Should I Do?There would be no doubt in her mind.

She has already been with you in the past as your girlfriend, and knew what being in love meant then.

She knew how it felt and the impression it left behind.

There is a recollection of how she behaved when she was in love with you, while she was in a relationship with you.

Additionally, she remembers the excitement she felt whenever she thought about you and how much she looked forward to the next time she would see you.

She hasn’t suddenly forgotten the experience of being in love with you, on account of being your ex and no longer being in a relationship with you.

When she tells you that she knows that she loves you but doesn’t know if she’s in love with you, she means that she is not in love with you.

She isn’t getting those emotional bursts of excitement and adrenaline whenever she thinks about you anymore.

She is not constantly wondering what you are doing or whether you are thinking about her, nor does she think about what a future with you looks like.

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She cares about you because you were someone that she was in a relationship with.

Nonetheless, she isn’t in love with you.

She cares about your well-being and wants the best for you.

Her past relationship with you carries a number of good memories, and she is grateful for them.

It’s not out of the question that you were the best boyfriend she ever had.

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These are a few reasons why she told you that she loves you.

Sadly, you aren’t giving her that spark anymore.

Her thoughts are no longer wrapped up in you and how good you make her feel.

She can live without you and be okay with it.

She misses your persona to an extent, but she wouldn’t lose that much sleep over it.

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As I mentioned earlier, an ex-girlfriend who is in love with you knows that she is.

She was in love with you in the relationship, until she wasn’t.

Ergo, she knows what being in love feels like.

When she tells you that she doesn’t know if she is in love with you, she is letting you down easy.

She is reluctant to come right out with the truth.

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She believes that this would hurt you too much, or cause a rift between you.

If she seems to have moved on and is dating or talking to a number of guys, her actions confirm how she feels without having to verbalize it.

Observe her behavior.

How frequently is she out dating various guys or flirting with them?

Is she meeting up with her friends and going out to party?

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If she is constantly doing these activities, she has clearly moved on mentally and is no longer in love with you.

Accept that your ex isn’t in love with you and move on.

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