What Is Going On? Do I Confront Him?

What Is Going On? Do I Confront Him?

You should confront him if you feel like something is amiss or misread.

There tends to be this propensity by people to delay what needs to be done so as not to come off as desperate, clingy or presumptuous.

This is what tends to actually make matters worse. Ignoring the issue allows it to fester until it becomes too significant to overcome.

There is a clear reason why you may believe that something is going on.

After all, you don’t feel quite right about something.

This is your opportunity to address it by confronting him.

Try not to fall into the trap that so many others do by ignoring this until the last possible moment.

Unfortunately, if you wait that long, it may be too late.

If there is something that is bothering you, confront him and ask him about it.

You don’t have to be rude or contentious about it.

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This is more about opening up a dialogue and learning more about what his reasons are.

You shouldn’t just leave this be and keep going as though nothing has happened.

The longer you do that, the more of a strain you put on the relationship.

Even if you have succeeded in putting it in the back of your mind, you will still wonder about it from time to time.

You will have days when you think about it to the point of anxiety and other days when you succeed in brushing it off.

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However, even if you brush it off, it will come back.

Why would you want this to keep hunting you throughout the course of your relationship with this person?

Is it really worth it to put yourself through that?

He may have no idea that something is bothering you because you have succeeded so well in hiding it from him.

He is not a Superhero. He can’t read your mind.

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Maintaining an open level of communication is so crucial at the start and throughout your relationship.

These are the moments when you are expressive and honest about what you may be feeling.

These are the moments when you want him to be expressive and honest about what he is feeling as well.

When you lead by example, there is a decent chance that he will follow your lead.

This is why it is essential that you get this out in the open without further delay.

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This doesn’t only bode well for you, it does for him too.

A healthy and long-lasting relationship is dependent upon both parties being mentally stimulated and content.

If your mental state of mind is constantly troubled, it will affect the way you behave and react around him.

It would make it that much harder for the relationship to develop a true bond that binds and lasts.

Inadvertently, you have now caused further strain on a relationship that may have been able to be saved.

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Your task is to overcome this period of doubt by having a talk with him.

Allow him to feel comfortable by doing your best not to impose your will on the situation.

If he feels like you aren’t pointing fingers and making him out to be the bad guy, he would be more prone to talking to you about this in an honest and open way.

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