Falling For My Ex’s Friend. Does He See Me As More Than Just A Friend Too?

If your ex’s friend, who you are falling for, is constantly attempting to do activities with you one on one, he sees you as more than just a friend too.

Falling For My Ex's Friend. Does He See Me As More Than Just A Friend Too?This is especially true when these occasions are specifically one on one.

On the flip side, a guy friend who does activities with you alongside your friend group, doesn’t see you as more than just a friend.

Look back on the occasions that you have hung out with him and how often it was only the two of you.

The more he hangs out with you, and only you, the likelier he sees you as more than just a friend.

During these moments, observe his body language.

Does he constantly touch you or get close to you?

Does he get overly animated or excited?

Are there moments when he is staring at you as though he has forgotten what the two of you were there to do in the first place?

A guy who has done this while hanging out with you on a one on one basis sees you as more than just a friend.

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Be diligent in your observation of him.

These are normally strong body language cues of romantic interest.

Pay attention to how frequently he talks about you when you aren’t present.

If you have heard from friends that he was talking about you in conversation, you have left an impression on him.

No one keeps talking about someone else to friends, family, or colleagues, unless there is an emotional connection and fondness for the person being discussed.

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When he is talking like this about you to people at large or your friend group, telling them about how amazing you are, or how fun you were the last time he spoke to you, he is thinking about you constantly, including whenever you are not around.

This is a good sign that he sees you as more than just a friend.

This is a guy that flirts with you on a consistent basis.

He flirts by giving compliments, hoping that you return them.

He is subtle in how he does it, telling you how grateful he is about something you said or did for him in the past.

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He praises your internal fortitude and persona.

When he does stuff like this, he is hoping you realize that he sees a lot more in you than your physical attractiveness.

Additionally, this ex’s friend that you are falling for gauges whether you like him by bringing up your ex in conversation.

Using subtle tactics, he asks you about your ex, or mentions him, to see how you react.

A guy that keeps bringing up the subject of your ex from time to time or frequently, wants to see how you respond emotionally, so as to ascertain whether you have gotten over him.

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He hopes that you have.

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