Would A Guy Like Dating A Girl Who Has Muscles On Her Body?

Guys don’t mind dating a girl who has muscles, as long as those muscles aren’t too much or too overbearing.

Would A Guy Like Dating A Girl Who Has Muscles On Her Body?A girl that has well-toned arms or well-defined abs, is not a problem at all.

He admires these toned muscles and compliments her on them.

Nevertheless, guys don’t want to have a perception that a girl can pin him to the ground and keep him there effortlessly.

A girl who is bulging with muscles from her veined neck to her bulging calves is a turn off to guys.

Guys are not going to gravitate to that much muscle.

A girl with a body like that of a professional body builder isn’t a turn on to guys in general.

Sure, he sees those bulging muscles and comments on them, but, he doesn’t want to date her.

He is worried about how awkward they would look as a couple.

People will point and stare at them.

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He doesn’t want to be treated like this when he is out in public with her.

A guy normally likes showing his girl off as his prize to family, friends and the public at large.

He doesn’t want to feel awkward or get judgmental looks when he is with her.

Instead, he wants to be looked at with envy for showing up with a girl that is universally regarded as attractive.

Besides judgment from people close to him and society at large, he isn’t attracted to her sheer size and massive muscles.

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This being said, a minority of guys do take a risk in dating a woman like this.

This is a guy that wonders about what she looks like with all those muscles exposed.

His curiosity gets the best of him and he decides to talk to the girl.

In the end, once that curiosity is met, he is done.

He didn’t choose to date her wholeheartedly in the first place.

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He was merely curious.

If you are a girl with bulging muscles, beware of guys who show interest initially, only to end up dumping you because they have gotten to see what they were curious about.

Guys like this rarely want to know more about you that doesn’t have much to do with your muscles.

They are obsessed about finding out how you got so big and what your exercise regiment is.

These are guys who are constantly asking you about what you eat, or ask you to flex for them every time they are with you.

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He hasn’t attempted to get to know you beyond the muscles he sees in front of him.

That’s all he is curious about.

This behavior is a red flag.

A guy like this isn’t going to stick around once his curiosity about your muscles is satiated.

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