Is Dating Time Consuming?

Is Dating Time Consuming?Dating time doesn’t have to be consuming if you are willing to make the time.

You should really consider whether you are ready to date. You may tell yourself that you are when in fact you aren’t.

The truth is you may be worried that you won’t be able to make the time for dates. This may be due to a number of legitimate reasons.

If this is your concern, perhaps you shouldn’t date at this time.

You should only date if you are willing to make the time for somebody.

If you were to date when you know that you have other priorities that you care for a lot more, you may be wasting both your time and that of the person you are dating.

Now, if you were simply looking to date on a casual level, perhaps you could make it work.

This is why you have to determine what is of the most importance to you at this moment in time.

If you are so preoccupied with family, friends, career, social life, goals or more, you may want to think this through.

Once you have figured out what is your priority, it is easier for you to decide where you should go from here.

The truth is so much of this has to do with your mental state of being.

What do you find yourself thinking about on most days?

What kind of activities do you find yourself most drawn to and partaking of during the day?

This is most likely where your heart and desire is at the moment.

If those thoughts are primarily centered on something other than dating, you may not be entirely ready to date.

Now, do understand that you do have the power in all of this.

If you are truly willing, you will find ways to date and not allow that to impede your general goals.

However, if every part of your being is involved with other goals and unwilling to consider giving dating the time or making time for it, you are showing that you have other priorities in your life at this time that are of more importance.

This is really what you have to consider.

There are lots of people with busy lives who can still make time for dating.

However, in your case, you may have a busy life that you don’t want hampered by dating.

If this is the case, you may not be particularly concerned about dating right now.

Perhaps you have been unable to realize this.

This could be because you have been programmed by family, friends, society or even yourself to believe that at this stage in your life, you should be dating.

Well, that isn’t always appropriate.

It all depends on how you truly feel inside.

This is your best avenue.

When you are willing to be honest about how you truly feel, you will be able to understand your best route to take.

If you were to succumb to what you have been programmed to believe, you may try dating even though you know within yourself that you have other priorities.

This is the wrong move.

Don’t date because you think that for some reason you have to.

If you have so much going on right now that are constantly at the forefront of your thoughts, that may have to be your focus for now until you are ready to truly give dating a valid chance.


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