I Kinda Agreed To Go On A Date With A Classmate But Now I’m Freaking Out. What If It Was A Mistake And Things Get Awkward? What Should I Do?

I Kinda Agreed To Go On A Date With A Classmate But Now I'm Freaking Out. What If It Was A Mistake And Things Get Awkward? What Should I Do?

You go on the date and give it a real chance.

Try not to get consumed by what you think may happen during or after the date.

The danger of freaking out like this is that you may actually cause the date to go in the wrong direction.

You may make yourself so worried about how bad things could get that you don’t really act normal.

You may not be yourself.

You may close yourself off to your date and consequently make your date uneasy.

This is the danger of assumptions and making prejudgments.

There is clearly a reason why you agreed to this date with your classmate.

There is clearly an attraction there.

You have to trust in that and just let things lead to where they lead.

There is always going to be risk in dating. It is never a guaranteed win.

This is something that you really need to understand.

Your success in dating is not guaranteed.

However, you will have the best chance at being successful if you don’t freak out.

Going out on a date with your classmate is not a mistake even when it doesn’t work out.

You took a chance.

That is what this is all about. You put yourself out there and take a chance with someone.

It may or may not work out.

However, you put in the effort and should be proud of that.

Something else that you should consider is the possibility that you may be freaking out because you don’t feel like you will be capable of showing your date a good time.

You may even be worried that the conversations are going to be stale and lead to nowhere.

If this is your fear, just focus on keeping the topics simple and mundane to start with.

Focus on general interests like hobbies and then you can move on from there as the conversation becomes more targeted.

You may also be worried about getting outside the safety of the classroom.

You may have only known this person through class and now you are worried that you are going to have a completely different experience outside of class.

Outside of the classroom, this person may see you for what you really are.

This may be good or bad.

You may worry that you won’t be able to live up to who this person may believe you are.

You are worried about losing the safety of that classroom and now being exposed in a new environment.

To overcome this kind of fear, you will have to trust in your belief in who you are and what you are capable of.

You will have to believe in your individuality and uniqueness.

Understand the value that you have given to yourself and to others leading to this point.

Understand why you are loved and cared for by the friends and colleagues around you.

This is for a reason.

You give them something that adds value to their lives.

When you accept your value and your importance, you will be able to brave an environment outside of the classroom.

In fact, you will be excited to show this classmate a lot more of what you are about.

You will truly feel free.

This is where your mindset should be.


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