Can Guys Forgive?

Can Guys Forgive?

If the guy cares about the relationship, yes.

A guy can forgive when he cares because he doesn’t want to remain in that state of mind indefinitely nor does he want to lose the interest or love of the girl.

If you did something that has annoyed him or pushed him away, he may need some time to recover.

You may think that he is going to be upset at you forever.

You may be so worried about this that you panic and start trying to contact him over and over again.

He may not be responding to these attempts and now you are even more worried about whether he will have the capacity to forgive you.

Yes, if he cares about you and the relationship, he will. However, you do need to leave him be at this time and refrain from trying to contact him.

A guy often needs some time to cool off and calm himself down.

He may do something to help him through this process.

Perhaps he will go play some ball with his friends or he will start working on that project that he has been procrastinating on.

This is how he deals with these emotions initially.

He gets upset and perhaps he tries to ignore these emotions for a while by focusing his energy on something else, but ultimately he tends to face it.

When he is done with the initial rush of his emotions, he would have calmed down.

This is the opportunity he now has to become a bit more clear-headed.

Now that he has had some space from that incident, he is now more calm and in tune with his thoughts.

He will begin to replay the incident in his head with a lot more clarity.

It may almost feel like he is on the outside looking in.

This is when he has the stability of mind to determine who was at fault or what triggers may have caused the incident.

This is often when a guy may even realize that he was at fault for the incident.

This is often why some guys who get upset with their girlfriends apologize after the fact.

A guy can find ways to be irrational when in the moment because he hasn’t allowed himself to truly be expressive in the relationship leading up to that incident.

Hence, once something happens that threatens his position, he may feel the need to lash out and be angry.

However, this is often followed by a time of introspection after the initial adrenaline has worn off.

You should give him this time.

This is the time that he needs to come to a realization of what may have led to the incident and how it can possibly be resolved.

If he cares about you and the relationship, he would want to fix the problem.

Once he has had some time to come to terms with his feelings, he will be more willing to forgive, fix the problem and move forward.

This kind of time allows him the opportunity to think about other facets of the relationship that are good and have been working.

By doing this, he may realize that these facets may be worth saving and thereby it would be best to work on getting over this current problem and press forward.

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