Am I Getting Irrationally Bored With My Boyfriend?

Am I Getting Irrationally Bored With My Boyfriend?

You may be getting bored with your boyfriend because there isn’t too much mystery left in your relationship.

You may have gotten used to doing the same things over and over again.

You go to the same places to eat all the time or hang out with the same friends.

You tend to talk about the same topics.

You may talk about trying something new or going someplace new but you almost always end up just engaging in something you have done before.

These are all clear signs that could lead to boredom in your relationship and thereby with your boyfriend.

It isn’t irrational to believe that this behavior has caused you to be bored.

It happens often when two partners get too comfortable in their relationship.

They begin to play it safe because it works.

However, over time, that safety through familiarity can become an impediment to growth within the relationship.

The relationship is stifled because there is simply nowhere else to go with it.

You may have been a willing participant in all of this.

You are also the other half of this relationship equation.

If you haven’t been trying to get yourselves out there on new adventures or discoveries, you are also partly to blame for the boredom that you are currently experiencing.

Another thing you should also consider is the weight of your expectations on your boyfriend and this relationship in general.

Yes, the weight of expectations can often lead to a sense of boredom.

You may have expected so much more than you have gotten so far.

Your boyfriend may be doing his best to make your relationship fun.

However, due to really high expectations on your part to start with, it may be impossible for him to meet your needs.

Sometimes, people can truly get into relationships believing that they are going to have all kinds of experiences.

They want these experiences because they want that partner to satisfy there general boredom.

As a result, you create the events in your head.

You visualize that trip to Europe or that Skiing excursion.

You may even visualize being wined and dined in eclectic places.

However, once you have gotten into the relationship, your boyfriend doesn’t meet these lofty dreams.

He is still doing what he can.

You are still having experiences.

However, these experiences do not compare to what you imagined in your mind.

These kind of expectations of a boyfriend can be very dangerous.

Your mind is so vast and creative.

It can build a romance that is simply not feasible.

The more you allow your imagination to get the best of you, the more you become disappointed with each consequent boyfriend who doesn’t fulfill those visions.

You will have to be truly honest with yourself about the kind of expectations you had going into this relationship with your boyfriend.

If they are too unrealistic, you may need to simmer down and allow yourself to work within your current reality.

You don’t want to become unappreciative of your boyfriend’s efforts.

As long as you maintain these lofty and unrealistic expectations, you may never be able to be happy with any boyfriend.

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