First 2 Dates Went Great. Now He’s Gone Cold.

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First 2 Dates Went Great. Now He's Gone Cold.He may have gone cold after the first two dates because he has lost interest in you.

He may have enjoyed your company but realized that the kind of connection he is looking for isn’t really there.

There may be a part of him that really believed that the connection he had with you during those two dates were sufficient.

However, at some point in time after the second date, he may have began to doubt that.

Perhaps it was a particular exchange that the both of you had during the date or something in particular you have said or done in both dates that made him feel uneasy.

While he was in the moment, he may not have noticed it so much.

Perhaps he even did but he was having so much fun that he decided to ignore it.

However, since he has been away from the date and that moment, he has had time to reflect and really come to terms with that feeling.

Upon thinking it through, he realizes that he may not want to take this any further with you because he is afraid that this is an issue that can only cause further problems in the future.

It may be hard for you to figure out when this moment or moments may have happened on those dates.

However, if you can think back to a moment or moments when he seemed to be a little bit out of it as though he was in some far away place in his head, that may have been the moment that you may have said or done something that made him doubt.

Since he made it all the way to that crucial second date with you, he must have liked you to an extent and was interested in seeing where things could go.

Hence, the second date may have been when he noticed this moment and felt a sense of doubt about moving forward with you.

Also, you should consider the possibility that he may be dating other women.

This does happen as well.

There are lots of people who date multiple people at the same time until they find the person that they are willing to settle down with.

They play the field.

He may honestly have a decent amount of dating prospects that he is also seeing.

You may not have passed that final test in that second date and as a result he has spun his focus to the other girls who he is most likely putting through the same tests.

Another possibility is that he may be taking time out to assess his emotions and intentions.

There are some guys who get this far in the dating process and go cold because they may realize that the person they have just gone on two dates with is perfect.

This may sound great at first but then the reality of it strikes.

Are they ready for this kind of relationship?

Can they match this person’s perfection?

These thoughts may actually frighten them to an extent.

They may go cold because they want to ask themselves whether they are prepared and worthy of taking this to the next level.

Once he is certain of himself, he either decides to move forward or he chooses to back off.

If he decides to move forward with you, you will hear from him again.

If he decides not to, you most likely won’t hear from him again.

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