Why Do Some Guys Get Mad Or Offended When A Girl Pays On A Date?

The guy was raised to believe that paying for a date is his duty as the man, so he gets mad or offended when that duty is disrespected.

Why Do Some Guys Get Mad Or Offended When A Girl Pays On A Date?He was taught and raised with this mindset.

A girl who pays, leaves him believing that he didn’t do his duty as a man.

A guy paying for the date is behavior they were indoctrinated with their whole lives, within the families and communities that they grew up in.

As a result, they adopt this ideology.

They believe that it is appropriate, as it is what they have been taught and shown.

They don’t consider that a girl they date wouldn’t feel the same.

A guy like this assumes that the girl would have the same ideology as he does.

This is what he views as the norm.

He doesn’t know any different.

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When someone has this experience all through life, it’s difficult for them to entertain the notion that a girl has a totally different ideology.

He was never taught that not all girls are the same.

He was never shown that a girl would want to pay for a date.

Witnessing this behavior puts him in a chaotic moment.

He doesn’t understand why she would even think about paying for the date.

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He gets a little mad or offended, believing that the girl was somehow emasculating him by paying for the date.

He is unable to consider for one moment that the girl has no intention of emasculating him or taking away his so-called role as the man.

She is intending to do something nice and make the interaction a lot more fair as far as who pays for what and when.

She looks at this gesture as perfectly normal, as it is what she has always done and it makes sense to her.

These are two different viewpoints clashing.

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There is a misunderstanding on the guy’s part and the girl doesn’t get what the big deal is.

Some guys get mad or offended when a girl pays on a date when they look at the gesture of paying for a date as an indication of being in control.

Shelling out the money to pay for a date gives them a sense of empowerment.

Since they are spending the money, they are the ones who are piloting the ship, guiding it wherever they choose to lead it.

When the girl pays for the date, they lose control of the process.

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They are no longer in the driver’s seat directing this ship where they want it to lead.

This makes them unbalanced and consequently doubtful of how to steer the ship in the direction that they want it to go.

A loss of this control is threatening and disempowering, which leads to them reacting negatively.

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