He Doesn’t Want To Call Me His Girlfriend And I Don’t Know Why

He is holding out on calling you his girlfriend, not confident that you have reached that level in the relationship.

He Doesn't Want To Call Me His Girlfriend And I Don't Know WhyTo this end, he doesn’t see you as his girlfriend at this time.

You believe that you have reached that level.

You look at him as your boyfriend and wonder why he doesn’t feel the same.

Recognize that you are two separate individuals.

The experiences that you are having with him are having an emotional impact on you.

This doesn’t mean that he is having the exact same emotions with the exact same amount of energy.

He is having a slower time of it.

It doesn’t mean that he won’t get to where you are emotionally, but he isn’t quite there yet.

It is easy to get caught up in how you feel.

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You believe that the chemistry has been so good.

You are encouraged by all the wonderful conversations that you have had with him.

You went on trips with him to wonderful places and had a great time.

This far, you believe that all signs would point to an exclusive relationship.

His own experience is unique to him.

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He is not always going to be on your wavelength.

You are better off being patient with him.

If this is a relatively new relationship, he is wise in being cautious.

You don’t want to enter a relationship too soon with someone you don’t know all that well.

It doesn’t matter how great the chemistry has been, this is a multi-layered person who requires time to get to know on a deeper basis.

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It takes time to observe how well you two get along.

Sometimes, it is tempting to jump right into an exclusive relationship with a person because everything feels so right.

Take this time to do yourself a favor and get to know him as well.

Should things work out, he is a lot more keen to call you his girlfriend in the future.

In a different scenario, there is something missing.

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He is waiting for it to happen.

He wants you to see him at his worst before he is comfortable enough with calling you his girlfriend.

In the same vain, he wants to see you at your worst so as to determine whether he can handle it.

There is too much perfection in this relationship at this time.

He believes that it is too good to be true.

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You are too perfect and there has to be a catch.

So as not to put himself in a place where he later regrets, he waits it out, wanting to ascertain how well you two get along when things aren’t so rosy.

He is waiting for those moments where there is a disagreement between you.

How you both deal with these moments is what lets him know whether it’s time to call you his girlfriend.

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