Are Tattoos A Deal Breaker For Guys?

Are Tattoos A Deal Breaker For Guys?

Most guys don’t care that much about tattoos as long as they aren’t overdone.

If you are completely covered in tattoos, this may be a deal breaker for a good number of men.

However, if you have several or a few tattoos that are strategically placed, you shouldn’t have a problem with most guys.

The more open the guy is in general as a person, the less likely he would look at your tattoos as a deal breaker.

This may also be a generational and a cultural issue.

The older he is, the more likely he will look at your tattoos as a deal breaker.

The more culturally conservative he is, the more likely he will look at your tattoos as a deal breaker.

So, it really all depends on who you choose to date.

If you choose to date a highly conservative guy and you have several tattoos, he may look at that as a deal breaker.

He may not necessarily like that.

If your tattoos are in very exposed places and large in size, this may also make your tattoos more of a deal breaker for this guy.

Culturally conservative guys typically have a set notion in mind for the kind of woman they expect to date.

They often seek a woman who is just like them in their belief system, way of living and physical appearance.

This culturally conservative guy would most likely not have tattoos on himself either.

Thereby, he would most likely look for the same in a partner.

A culturally conservative guy would also be worried about the kind of reputation he has with other members of his family and community.

He would most likely have a culturally conservative family and live in a culturally conservative community.

He would worry about what these individuals in his family or community would say if he were to date a girl who has several tattoos.

He may be fine with one or two that are well hidden.

This way, he doesn’t have to deal with a number of exposed tattoos when he is with the girl and his family or in the community.

However with several exposed tattoos, he would know that his family and community would ask questions and he would be put in a difficult situation and he doesn’t want this.

The generational issue is when you are dealing with guys who may be many years older than you.

If you tend to date older guys, some may have an issue with your tattoos if they are too many.

This group would typically not look at a tattoo or two as a deal breaker because they most likely have teenage or young adult children of their own who have tattoos.

However, they may find it a deal breaker if there are simply too many.

Hence, your best bet, whether you have a few tattoos or a whole bunch would be to focus on guys who tend to be more open and eclectic with who they date.

You will often be able to tell the kind of guy you are dealing with by his lifestyle, where he tends to socialize and who he tends to socialize with.

Even better, if the guy has tattoos as well, he will most likely look at your tattoos as more of a bonding experience than a deal breaker.

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