In My Last Year Of College. Should I Go For Him Or Not?

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In My Last Year Of College. Should I Go For Him Or Not?

If you are mentally ready and he is single and available, you should go for him.

It is your last year of college and you have probably been procrastinating.

There are no more chances after this.

In other words, the kind of relationship dynamic you have with him will most likely change after college.

This is often what happens.

New college graduates enter the working world and begin to work towards building their professional careers.

They may even move from one state to another in order to find the best career opportunities.

In essence, that college setting will no longer be your backdrop.

You won’t see him walking around campus, or in student halls or in class.

All of that will be over.

Hence, you do need to take advantage of this moment.

Before you do this however, you should ensure that you are mentally ready.

In other words, you shouldn’t go for him because you feel like you will have no other better options in your dating life after college is over.

If you believe that you may never ever be able to find someone just like him, you may be lying to yourself.

You shouldn’t approach this with a sense of desperate desire.

You shouldn’t feel like you need him in this sense.

You would only be making yourself focus too much on what a relationship would be able to do for you instead of focusing on how it can benefit the both of you.

If you have recently gotten out of a relationship, take a step back to ensure that you are clear-headed.

Many people who get out of relationships often believe that by getting right into another one, they will be able to recover from their break up a lot faster.

This is often not the case.

You shouldn’t use another relationship as your remedy to help you get over the pain of a relationship that just ended.

If you were to do so, you would be applying undue pressure on the new relationship and this wouldn’t be fair to your new partner.

If this guy is single and available, he is fair game.

However, you should also be understanding of how he may want this process to unfold.

He may prefer the process to be slower.

In essence, he may want to get to know you better before getting into anything serious.

You will have to be sure to read on this.

Since it is your last year of college, you may be tempted to be overzealous or overaggressive.

You may not be aware that you are pushing too hard to make the relationship happen.

It being your last year, you may be trying to force the issue because you feel like time is against you.

Try with all of your power not to behave in this way.

If he feels like you are trying too hard to make this relationship happen too quickly, you may push him away.

He may start feeling like all you want is your own personal satisfaction and that to some extent, you may also be desperate.

The interaction needs to unfold in a natural way if it is to have any chance of becoming an actual relationship.

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