Do Older Men Always Mean What They Say?

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Do Older Men Always Mean What They Say?

Not necessarily.

An older man isn’t any less prone to lying than a younger man is.

If the older man knows that saying something that is untrue would put him at an advantage, he just might do that.

Human beings are innately selfish when it comes to matters like this.

We can’t help but say what needs to be said in order to get what we want.

We don’t always care about the consequences.

We just care about the rewards.

One of the best ways to tell if this older man means what he says is in observing what he has done after the fact.

If he is taking real steps to accomplish what he told you he would do for you, he meant what he said.

In other words, his actions are a very good measure for just how much he means what he says when he says it.

Is he often around people who are honest and rarely mislead others into believing something they shouldn’t?

If he is, there is a good chance that he means what he says because friends often behave alike and also adopt each other’s mannerisms.

Does he constantly remind you of what he promised?

In other words, he didn’t simply tell you something and not mention it ever again.

You notice that he mentions it regularly.

Each time he mentions it, you can tell that he even gets excited.

He gets truly animated about what he is saying. When he gets this excited or animated over something, he has an emotional attachment to it.

Most men aren’t going to develop this kind of emotional attachment out of thin air.

There is only so far telling you what he doesn’t mean is going to get him.

He won’t have any passion about whatever it is that he has told you he will do for you in later days or months.

If he doesn’t mean what he says, he will rarely bring up the subject, if ever.

If he does, there will be no real excitement in his voice or gestures.

He would be looking to move on to the next topic fairly quickly in the hopes that you don’t dwell on the subject.

This is how you know that this man either means what he says or he doesn’t.

Something else that you also need to understand is that older men can often feel insecure about the fact that they are older.

If you are significantly younger than this older man, he may feel insecure about how well he fits into your world.

As an older man, he may be worried that you will get bored with him easily because he simply can’t keep up with you.

He may even be worried that you would judge his actions based on how you think a younger person would have reacted to the same situations.

In other words, he may be worried that he is competing with guys half his age when it comes to you.

Hence, he may begin to tell you things that he doesn’t mean so as to make up for what he considers to be a deficiency.

An effective way to tell that he is saying something he doesn’t mean is in how often he starts giving you these promises right after he has been around you and younger men.

If you were both recently at an event where there were lots of younger people, he may have felt threatened.

Hence, when you both eventually got into private quarters he begins to give you fabricated lies about what he can do for you or what he is all about.

These are the moments that he would be most prone to telling you things he actually doesn’t mean because he feels threatened.

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