She Made The First Move And Then Says She Has A Boyfriend. Does She Really Have A Boyfriend?

She does have a boyfriend, but she doesn’t care that much about him, or see her relationship with him lasting that much longer.

She Made The First Move And Then Says She Has A Boyfriend. Does She Really Have A Boyfriend?If she made the first move on you and she is now saying that she has a boyfriend, she was gauging your chemistry together and discerned it wasn’t there.

She realized that she didn’t want to take it any further with you, so she told you that she had a boyfriend.

That being said, she is looking to get out of her relationship with her boyfriend.

You were someone she saw as a prospective new date or boyfriend.

Your time with her didn’t go according to what she had hoped for.

There was a dearth of commonality or she found something about your demeanor or life that was unsettling.

This caused her to stop and realize that you aren’t the one she wants to be with next.

An alternative reason for making the first move on you but telling you she has a boyfriend is that of playing mind games.

She wants you to be the one who chases her.

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In doing so, you get to show her how much you like her and how far you are prepared to take this.

By telling you she has a boyfriend, she has planted the seed of competition in your mind.

How far are you going to go to get her?

This is a girl who thrives on being the one who is chased.

In either one of these scenarios that I have described, she has a boyfriend but she is clearly not serious about him.

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A girl acts like this when she is looking for an out from her relationship.

She doesn’t want to get out of the relationship quite yet, not until she has found another guy to replace her boyfriend.

She is a girl who is used to being in relationships and is rarely single.

Thereby, she rarely has a period of transition between boyfriends.

She basically moves from one boyfriend straight into another.

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A girl like this is demanding.

She is all about being in a relationship at first but gets bored too easily.

As a consequence, her relationships don’t last long.

Still want to know whether she told you the truth when she said she has a boyfriend?

Observe her social behavior.

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If she spends a majority of her time hanging out with her friends or work colleagues, it is unlikely she has a boyfriend.

When a girl has a boyfriend, she spends a preponderance of her time with him.

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