When To Call A Woman After A Second Date?

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When To Call A Woman After A Second Date?

A good time to call a woman after a second date is about a half hour or so after.

You call to ensure that she got home alright or got to whatever destination she was headed to after the date safe and sound.

It endears you to her and it makes her feel like you care.

It also allows you to gauge her level of excitement.

If she answers right away, she may have been waiting for your call and jumped on it when it came through.

If she doesn’t answer but calls you right back, she is also showing a strong sign of interest.

All of these moves help to show you that she did enjoy the second date.

If she enjoyed the second date, she would be willing to go on a third date.

Thereby, this phone call would also be your opportunity to set up another date with her.

She is fresh off the high of the second date and would be more open to making this third date happen.

These are the moments that are so crucial after a second date.

Some guys mislead themselves by thinking that the longer they wait to contact the woman after the second date, the better they position themselves to get a third date.

They falsely believe that the woman would be more primed and desperate to hear from them the longer they make her wait.

Unfortunately, these men have been taught or shown wrong.

The first twenty-four hours after the second date are the most crucial.

This is the period where you should ensure that you get in contact with her because if the second date went well, she is still on a high from it.

Hence, she would be more open to setting up a third date.

If you give it a week or more before you call her, she would have had an entire week or more to not only get off the high but also wonder or fret over why you haven’t called her.

She would be doubting whether you had a good time at the second date and would like to see her again.

She would start asking herself where she may have gone wrong.

You would have thrown a lot of doubt in her mind as well as anxiety.

However, all that doubt and anxiety eventually gives way to resentment.

She would feel annoyance setting in because to some extent she would begin to believe that you weren’t being honest about how you truly felt about that second date.

She may also feel annoyance due to a sense of arrogance on your part for keeping her waiting.

Arrogance can work on women when used in light to medium doses.

However, when you keep her waiting for weeks, you have taken things too far.

By the time you decide to call her, she may have already deleted your number from her phone and moved on mentally.

Even if she were to agree to the third date she may do so with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.

When she is this uncertain, she may terminate the date by coming up with some excuse as the date draws closer or on the day of.

She would do this after moments of self-reflection and even discouragement from friends who may try to convince her not to follow-through on a third date with you due to your previous behavior.

You never want to get her to this position.

Hence, you are better off calling her within twenty-four hours of your second date.

If you can call her a half hour after the second date to see that she got to her destination alright, even better.

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