I Am The Person Who Always Gives Relationship Advice To My Friends But Is Still Single

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I Am The Person Who Always Gives Relationship Advice To My Friends But Is Still Single

You may not have met the right person for you.

You may be better at giving relationship advice to your friends for now because that is the role that you are best fit to play at this time.

It is always prudent not to jump into a relationship simply because you are single.

It can be tempting to want to do so because you feel awkward about always giving relationship advice to your friends and yet you are still single.

This being said, you do need to understand where you stand as far as your viewpoints on relationships are concerned.

You should ensure that you aren’t still single because you are taking too much of your own advice.

In essence, you shouldn’t be over-analyzing everything.

The danger of always being the advice giver and not the doer is in giving in to what you believe is perfection.

Being that you know quite a bit about relationships and how they work, you may believe that you have to hold out.

You may believe that you have to hold out for that perfect partner.

You know who this partner is.

You may have had relationships in your past in which you believed that you were with the perfect partner.

It didn’t turn out that way, but you learned.

You learned about what not to look for in a partner.

You learned a lot about what you should look for.

You believe that if that past partner had possessed those qualities, your relationship would have worked out.

As a result, you tell yourself that your future partner will have the necessary qualities or requirements that were missing in your last relationship.

Now you have created that perfect future partner in your mind.

You know how they are going to be because you can see them in your thoughts.

You can see their perfection.

The problem with this kind of approach is in the fact that there is no perfect person or even relationship.

There are always going to be ups and downs in a relationship.

A person’s character is not always going to be perfect and pristine.

There are always going to be flaws in people, as well as in relationships.

When you are the one who always gives relationship advice to your friends, you may forget about this.

You may become so enamored with what you believe is the perfect mate, that you refuse to give anyone else a chance unless they meet your criteria of what a perfect mate or partner should be.

Thus, this may be why you are still single.

You have over-analyzed what the perfect partner is in your mind.

You have seen your friends make mistakes and have decided that you won’t do the same because your future mate will be mistake-proof.

Your future partner will be perfection.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect mate or a perfect relationship.

You may need to take the plunge and start opening yourself up to dating people that may not seem that perfect.

Everyone has flaws, including yourself.

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