Is It Bad That I Know The Girl I Like Is Not Very Attractive But I Still Like Her?

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Is It Bad That I Know The Girl I Like Is Not Very Attractive But I Still Like Her?

It is not bad at all.

You may like other qualities that she has besides that of her attractiveness.

If you don’t believe that she is very attractive, you are being honest with yourself.

However, you still like her for a reason.

It may be the way she makes you feel.

It may be the way she talks to you and relates to you.

It may be because she has been there for you in difficult times.

It may be because you feel like you share something in common with her that you typically don’t share with girls that you may find to be more attractive.

This kind of connection or experience can be very potent.

It can easily make up for whatever deficiencies she may have in her level of attractiveness.

You should understand that people will be attracted to others for different reasons.

It isn’t always about how attractive the other person may be.

There may be other qualities or characteristics that will draw a person to another.

You may be in this situation.

You have found something else about this girl that makes you still like her despite the fact that she is not very attractive.

This should be your focus.

The danger you may face in your situation is in when you begin to worry about what other people will think.

You may worry that your friends would not approve of her because she is not as attractive as she should be.

You may be worried that your family may feel the same way.

You may worry that people in public would look at you strangely because you would be such an odd pair.

These opinions should not be your concern.

When you start worrying more so about what everyone else will think about her as opposed to how she is making you feel, you may give in to the temptation of not allowing this relationship to develop in a natural way.

You will be hesitant to take her out or show her to your friends and family.

You will be hesitant to allow yourself to know her more because you are worried that she wouldn’t be someone who would be able to be a future mate.

You will be more concerned over appearances than you should be.

Instead of allowing yourself to get sucked in to what you are afraid other people will think about her, focus on how she makes you feel and how happy she makes you.

Focus on how much you enjoy her company.

Focus on how she often knows what you are thinking before you have even mentioned it.

Oftentimes, people make the mistake of being with someone solely based on that person’s physical appearance.

These are the relationships that tend to end in bitterness because they were based on superficial desires.

A person’s true personality is often what makes for a long-lasting and happy relationship and not what they appear to look like on the outside.

Focus on what is working for you and you should be fine.

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