How Do I Know If I Truly Like Someone Or Just Looking Because I’m Lonely?

Contemplate your previous relationships and ask yourself whether you got into them because you truly liked the person, or because you were lonely.

How Do I Know If I Truly Like Someone Or Just Looking Because I'm Lonely?Where there is a pattern of behavior, take heed.

You entered a previous relationship and later regretted it.

This occurred when you realized that you never knew who you were dating, and you got into that relationship out of loneliness.

You were so lonely that you were resistant to letting the process unfold naturally, and instead, you went with the feeling of need.

Your desire to meet that need was overwhelming.

The desire in question was that of satisfying your loneliness.

You wanted to put someone in there, to reassure yourself that you had someone.

As long as you had someone, despite the fact that you had barely allowed the process of getting to know them to develop, you were no longer lonely.

You don’t have to worry about lonely nights, as someone is consistently there for you physically, or only a phone call away.

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This relationship did not last, given that you later learned that this person wasn’t who you hoped they were.

You discovered this person’s selfishness, absence of discernment and infidelity.

This is how you use your past relationship experience to guide you.

When you truly like someone, you want to get to know them as a person.

You are afraid of getting into a relationship with them too quickly, as you want to practice patience, keen on learning more about this person’s shortcomings.

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You are cautious, given that it would be difficult for you to believe that this person is this perfect.

This is what leads to you asking deeper questions as time passes, wanting to learn more about their family background and friendships.

You want get a sense of what makes this person who they are.

Getting this information and having these experiences require time.

You are open to being patient, considering how much you like this person.

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You are prepared to set aside your immediate desires so as to get to know this person.

Bringing this person around your family or friends too soon is a constant worry.

That being said, you are savoring your time with this person, instead of using them as your cover or as a remedy for your loneliness.

You don’t have to show them off yet, as you want to know whether this chemistry you are feeling with this guy is for real and not you wishing that it is.

Caution is evident, and yet, there is optimism of what could be.

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When you have the self-discipline to exercise this caution, you give yourself the latitude to definitively learn whether you truly like this person or just looking because you are lonely.

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