How Do Girls Feel If A Guy Gets Serious Real Quick?

How Do Girls Feel If A Guy Gets Serious Real Quick?Most girls may be worried that the guy is desperate or overbearing in this situation.

If the guy were to get serious too quick, the girl may wonder whether he has a true sense of self-worth and independence.

They may become doubtful about the viability of the relationship and may question whether it would be prudent to date such a guy.

Most girls don’t want to feel like they have become a guy’s life too soon.

They don’t want that kind of responsibility.

If a guy were to get serious really quickly during the course of their interaction it may make her worry that he would be putting too much pressure on her to be everything he wants in a girl.

She knows that she isn’t perfect.

This soon in their interaction, she knows that she can’t possibly be everything that this guy is seeking nor does she want to be.

She doesn’t want to have the burden of carrying this guy’s emotions.

She doesn’t want to have the responsibility of making this guy happy all the time.

That isn’t her job.

She doesn’t want to feel like she has to find ways to always make him feel like his is loved and appreciated when she barely knows the guy.

This is the problem when a guy gets serious too quickly.

He has never given the girl the opportunity to really get to know him and becomre more emotionally involved.

She only knows a little and hasn’t had a chance to know more.

She can only go with her very first impressions about the guy.

When a guy gets serious too quickly, she will have to take that as a first impression.

Unfortunately, this is not a very good first impression.

It makes the guy seem too needy and even selfish to an extent.

Also, she may not want to get involved with a guy who is too eager.

When a guy is this eager, it takes away the challenge.

She no longer has the drive or motivation to continue talking or even flirting with this guy because he has give away too much too soon.

He hasn’t given her a chance to really get to know what makes him feel connected or interested.

He has already given her everything way too soon.

What else does she have to fight for?

She can’t show him more of what makes her who she is because he is already sold on her.

There is no mystery left.

Thereby, a girl in this situation may become bored very quickly.

She never had enough time to get to know this guy and build some chemistry.

He has already taken things to the next level way too quickly.

In a situation like this, the game is already up.

Part of what makes dating so much fun is in the “getting to know you” stage.

It’s fun to learn about someone.

It’s fun to discover their quirks.

It’s fun to flirt.

It’s fun to not know what is coming up next and how the date is going to go because you aren’t used to this person yet.

However, when a guy gets serious too quickly, he has taken the fun out of the process and has forced it toward the next level prematurely.

This can turn off a lot of girls.

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