Is It Wrong To Not Share Everything With Your Boyfriend?

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Is It Wrong To Not Share Everything With Your Boyfriend?

It isn’t wrong to not share everything with your boyfriend.

There may be some things that you simply want to keep to yourself.

There is nothing wrong with that.

In fact, keeping some things to yourself can even be helpful to a relationship.

It can allow you to retain a degree of your individuality.

This is important.

Oftentimes, when people get into relationships, they believe that they should share everything.

They believe that this is what is supposed to happen in a relationship.

Hence, they share in all things.

As a result, they may become too much for each other.

Whenever someone doesn’t share something, the other may become offended.

Whenever someone forgets to mention how much they love the other, the other may feel like they are not being loved as much as they should.

Whenever a partner has the urge to do something independently, perhaps with a friend, the other partner may feel like they are about to be abandoned and may become upset.

This leads to the partner who was going to do something independently deciding to cancel their plans because the other is upset.

You see, when a relationship is reliant on everything being shared, it can become very burdensome.

There will be no real sense of independence.

This is unhealthy in a relationship.

You have to give the relationship an opportunity to breathe.

This is so important.

When you are always sharing everything with a partner, the relationship becomes predictable.

This can lead to boredom and ultimately a break up.

Boredom sets in when you know what to expect from your partner.

It sets in when you have both extinguished every last bit of independence that you once had coming into the relationship.

There is nothing new anymore because you both share everything.

There are no new stories to tell in the future because you haven’t allowed yourselves the opportunity to create new stories.

When your boyfriend wants to share everything with you and you acquiesce, you will ultimately reach the point where there is nothing left to share.

Your boyfriend knows what you are all about and what your secrets may be.

Your boyfriend knows all your friends because you have been unable to make new ones due to the fact that you share everything.

Your boyfriend knows exactly how you are going to respond to certain situations because he knows your mannerisms.

Hence, he always knows how to get his way because you become predictable.

He may even get to the point where he uses what you have told him against you.

In the heat of an argument, he may bring up an a negative incident that occurred in your past just to hurt you or spite you.

Perhaps you were still dealing with the repercussions of this incident in your own way.

However, you weren’t fully recovered from its effects.

Despite this, your boyfriend uses the subject of this incident to your disadvantage just so that he can gain the upper-hand in an argument.

You see, there are certain things better kept to yourself.

Never lose your sense of individuality in a relationship.

Doing so could lead to disempowerment, boredom and unhappiness.

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