Boyfriend Taking Pictures With Another Girl While He Is Away At School?

Boyfriend Taking Pictures With Another Girl While He Is Away At School?

If your boyfriend took pictures with another girl while he is away at school, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is anything going on between him and this girl.

This is especially true if you notice that he is taking pictures with other people from school as well, girls and guys alike.

It can be very tempting to focus on the one girl that you keep seeing who you may deem attractive and be worried that there is something more going on.

This is human nature.

You begin comparing yourself to that girl and you begin to get worried.

You ask yourself if she is as attractive as you are.

What if she is just as witty or verbose?

What if her personality is even more enthralling and captivating than your own?

Will your boyfriend give into her charms?

You see, right there you have created a story in your head.

You have given this girl an imaginary identity and purpose.

A girl that you don’t even know.

This is how your brain could work to put ideas in your head that aren’t necessarily warranted.

The problem with this is if it is followed by unwarranted and needless action, you may actually put a strain on your relationship when it had no reason being placed there in the first place.

You may call your boyfriend and ask him about her with a slight in your voice that would make him feel like you are accusing him about something.

You may begin to uncharacteristically stalk your boyfriend and this girl on their social media accounts.

You may become that very girlfriend that you dread becoming.

The one that is overbearing and jealous.

You don’t want things to go this far.

As I mentioned earlier, your boyfriend may be taking pictures of this girl along with a bunch of other new people that he has met in school.

He may be making new friends and this girl happens to be in the same circle of friends that he has become a part of.

She may even have a boyfriend of her own.

These are all points you have got to consider before you start taking matters into your own hands in an irresponsible and knee-jerk fashion.

Where you may be warranted in being concerned is if you know that he is spending a lot of time with this girl at school on a one on one basis.

This is when you may have cause for concern. However, if this is the case, you do need to visit your boyfriend before you make any distinct moves.

It is important to confront him face to face to truly ascertain if there is something going on with this girl.

You will be able to watch his body language and listen to his tone of voice.

These are all true keys to the truth.

If you were merely to bring it up in conversation on the phone or through social media, it would be too easy for him to deny it.

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