Why Do Insecure Guys Move On So Quickly?

Why Do Insecure Guys Move On So Quickly?

These insecure guys don’t necessarily move on so quickly.

They may simply be moving to the next person even though they are still quite emotional about the last relationship.

You may think that they have moved on quickly but oftentimes these insecure guys are simply using a new relationship to mask how they truly feel.

If the insecure guy has never tried to deal with his own emotional issues, he may just keep using new people to deceive himself into believing that he is not the problem.

If he has moved on quickly by cutting out communication with you and is simply out there living as though he never met or dated you, it may be because he is trying to erase the effect you had on him out of his mind.

When he blocks all forms of communication with you or begins to ignore you, he may be trying to force himself to believe that you didn’t mean all that much to him.

He may be lying to himself.

However, he has gotten so good at this that there truly may be a part of him that has fallen for the lie.

One of the best ways to tell that he is still affected by a previous relationship is in how quickly he moves on to the next or he starts cutting off communication.

When he moves this quickly, he may be worried that the longer he dwells on the relationship he had with you, the more likely he will be upset or depressed.

He then acts very quickly to show the guise of moving on but this is normally due to this fear and anxiety that he has.

This is especially true if you know that he has a pattern of doing this.

You know that he has done this to girls in the past.

Typically, when a guy is not dealing with fear and worry over a breakup, he will take his time to deal with his emotions or at least wouldn’t jump right back into another relationship or act so impetuously by cutting off communication.

This kind of guy isn’t trying to mask the fact that he was affected emotionally.

He doesn’t want to start trying out new relationships so quickly because he wants to come to terms with how the previous relationship affected him.

This is a guy who will ultimately get over the break up and move on in a healthy way.

An insecure guy who tends to move on quickly right after a relationship never truly moves on.

He never allowed himself the time to deal with his emotions and handle them in a mature way.

Hence, it is likely that he isn’t truly over you.

He may be trying to give off the impression that he is but he isn’t.

This is often how some insecure guys deal with a previous relationship.

The danger of it all is that they will ultimately have to face the issues because their relationships continue to fail.

This is when he will either mature and deal with his issues or he will continue to be a bad boyfriend.

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