Should I Ask Him Out For A Drink?

Should I Ask Him Out For A Drink?

You should ask him out for a drink.

You are thinking about it after all.

There is no harm in it.

It doesn’t mean that you are trying to have his babies.

It is just a drink.

Where you run into problems is when you make it such a big deal.

It really isn’t.

It will only be a big deal if you make it so.

Unfortunately, this could result in you waiting too long to ask him out for that drink or making yourself so nervous that by the time you are doing it, you are lacking confidence.

These are scenarios that are never conducive to getting what you want.

Don’t overthink this.

If you are feeling attraction and you are interested, ask him out for a drink.

There is something that you have to understand about guys.

Most guys would be flattered if a girl took the chance of asking them out for a drink.

This is where girls get stumped about this whole asking out thing.

They just assume that by asking a guy out for a drink they are being too forward, aggressive or even desperate.

This is an assumption that you have to wrap up with a tidy bow and throw into the ocean.

Let that assumption go.

Think about it for a second.

What is the worst that could happen if you asked him out for a drink?

As long as you are polite and respectful, he will most likely give you a polite and respectful response.

Whatever it is, it is just a response and nothing more.

If he were to say no and you began to interpret that as a rejection that reflects upon your general level of physical appeal, you may begin to tell yourself false stories about how unappealing you are.

This shouldn’t be something that you allow to interfere with your thoughts.

The truth is, everyone has their preference.

Even if he were to turn you down, it doesn’t mean that you look like a shark and have no physical appeal whatsoever.

If everyone on this planet were to date the exact same type of person, there would be a whole lot of people single and unhappy.

Thankfully, the world doesn’t work that way.

Your task right now is to gauge how much you truly like this guy.

Is this real interest or are you simply thinking about doing something like this because you are afraid of losing him to someone else?

You should never approach the issue of asking a guy out due to a fear that he may be lost to you forever to someone else.

It may cause you to make irrational moves that aren’t conducive to truly getting what you want.

You should approach it with the awareness that you truly do have an interest in this person and would like to see where it goes from here.

You may never know where it goes from here unless you ask him out for a drink.

It starts here and can move on to bigger and better things for the both of you.

So, take off that doubting cap and make your move.

You may discover that he was hoping all along that you would ask him out for a drink.

He may have thought about asking you out for a drink first but decided against it because he couldn’t read any romantic body language coming from you.

Thereby, by asking him out for a drink, you may reveal to him that you do like him and that alone may be the impetus he needs to go all in and pursue you.

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