1 Year Anniversary And I Didn’t Even Get A Reply?

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1 Year Anniversary And I Didn't Even Get A Reply?I know that anniversaries are important to you. You are most certainly not alone in this sentiment.

However, do consider that anniversaries aren’t always that important to everyone.

You may not have gotten a reply because this person simply doesn’t put that much meaning to anniversaries.

It may seem callous and unfeeling.

However, this is simply how this person may operate and the way they think.

This person may have gotten your message and initially thought about replying.

However, they ultimately didn’t.

They may have decided against it because they knew that the moment they replied, they would open the floodgates.

You may come at them with all kinds of questions.

So, what are we doing for our anniversary?

You remember where we first met?

Do you remember what we first talked about?

Remember what I was wearing?

What are you getting me for our anniversary?

Can you believe we are on our first anniversary?

Oh, what are we doing again for our anniversary?

Since it’s our first, don’t you think it should be special?

On and on you go.

You see, in your mind, this is normal.

You acknowledge anniversaries and truly believe that they are a special occasion.

You believe that this is a milestone in a relationship and it should be recognized.

This person on the other hand believes that the moment they acknowledge the anniversary and reply to your message, there will be so many expectations of them.

They may have to act all happy and cheery when in fact this anniversary day is like any other for them.

In fear of what replying to your message will lead to, they choose not to reply.

Also remember that you have probably always been this way with your past relationships when it came to anniversaries.

Anniversaries were always important.

Anniversaries signify an acknowledgment of your love for each other but also allows you to look forward to the future and more anniversaries.

When you look at all of this from the way you normally think, you will find it difficult to understand where this other person is coming from.

It will be hard for you to understand that this person may not put as much meaning or weight on anniversaries.

Perhaps anniversaries tend to make them nervous.

Whenever an anniversary is coming up, they feel like there is all this pressure to do something or celebrate.

They may get anxious about this pressure and react by simply not acknowledging it or replying.

This is how they deal with it.

An anniversary may be a negative experience for them, while for you, an anniversary may be positive and uplifting.

If this is a person that you are currently in a relationship with, you will need to understand where they may be coming from mentally.

Not replying to your anniversary message doesn’t necessarily mean that they no longer care about you or no longer want to be in a relationship with you.

You may need to give them some time to get used to the idea of being in a long term relationship with you.

Yes, it has been a year. However, some people may need even more time to acknowledge that this is a relationship that they intend to be in for a long time.

In accepting this, they may be a lot more responsive on your second anniversary.

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