She Keeps Saying Sorry?

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She Keeps Saying Sorry?

Saying “sorry” can be a cover for a lack of interest.

If this girl that you like is continuously telling you sorry because she was unable to make a date that was already planned or took a lot of time to respond to your text or phone message, she is most likely not interested in you.

Saying sorry can be an easy fall back for people.

They can use it to get out of certain situations where they know that they were at fault.

It is not always a situation where they know that they were at fault due to something that unexpectedly happened and was beyond their control.

Oftentimes, she already knew what she was doing.

She knew that she was purposely not returning your messages in a timely manner.

She knew that she was going to find a way to get out of the date that you both already had planned for the weekend.

She knew that she would find a way to conveniently forget that you have been trying to find out what her availability is and she has been telling you that she will check her schedule and get back with you.

When you hear repeated use of the word “sorry” in circumstances like this, she is not interested in you and is unfortunately stringing you along.

Perhaps she hasn’t told you about her true lack of interest for you because she hopes that you will eventually get the hint and stop pursuing her.

She has probably used this method in the past with other guys who have liked her and it worked.

It has probably been the easiest way for her to get out of situations with guys that she isn’t interested in.

She may believe that all she has to keep doing is say she is sorry as she flakes on dates or takes days to return your messages and you will finally stop trying without her having to be outright and honest about her lack of interest in you.

She may also be repeatedly telling you sorry because her emotions are on a roller coaster.

There may be moments during her interactions with you that she really enjoyed.

She may have really loved your last conversation or what you had to say about something in particular.

That moment was grand and even thrilling.

While she was in that moment, she may have felt like she would actually be interested in going on that date with you or in hearing from you again and having another meaningful conversation.

However, once that conversation or interaction was over, she was no longer feeling that excitement.

She is now back to feeling normal again.

At this point, she is not as excited as she was when she was engaged in conversation with you.

She has suddenly gotten bored.

She may even try to artificially reconstruct the excitement that she had when she was in the moment with you, but try as she may, she simply can’t.

With a lack of enthusiasm or desire, she decides to tell you sorry.

She may believe that this “sorry” is temporary. After all, she did feel that excitement with you when she was conversing.

Perhaps, the next time she has a meaningful conversation with you, that excitement will return.

However, that feeling of excitement continues to wane with each consequent conversation with you.

So she just keeps saying sorry and the cycle continues.

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