He Rejected Me Hard

He Rejected Me Hard

Not everyone is going to like you and want to be with you.

Being rejected by someone is part of life.

I know that it is difficult to accept that he rejected you this hard.

Being rejected is not always a bad thing, although it seems like your world has been crushed.

For one, it builds character by humbling you and teaching you that you won’t always get what you want.

This isn’t the message you want to receive at this stage in your life.

It’s a message that improves your approach to future relationships, as you have a better understanding of what matters most in life and how you as a person can handle your strengths and weaknesses.

Instead of looking at his hard rejection as a bad thing, look at it as a way to build your own character and grow from it.

As I mentioned earlier, not everyone on this planet that you like is going to like you back.

Regardless of how attractive you believe you are or people have told you that you are, someone somewhere out there will reject you.

Listen, this is why you should understand the importance of knowing what you can offer someone in a relationship besides what your outward physical appearance looks like.

You are very attractive and have only received glowing comments of admiration from people your entire life.

Well, this is now the time for you to realize that there was more required for this guy in particular to like you.

He was looking for more than your appealing physical appearance, seeking substance instead that he didn’t find in you.

The truth is, there could be a number of reasons why he rejected you hard.

Your task is not to become more obsessed with “how dare he reject” than the why.

In the end, he wasn’t attracted to you.

This should be considered.

Yes, I know that you aren’t used to this treatment.

This goes back to how paramount it is to have humility as a person.

On the other hand, he found you attractive but didn’t believe that you had much substance as an individual.

In this scenario, you should be honest with yourself and understand where you tend to put the most value.

Have you primarily put the most value over your looks in life or have you primarily put the most value in your substance?

You are better off having a good balance of both.

A happy dose of both physical attractiveness coupled with healthy confidence and substance in character helps you go far in the future.

So learn from this rejection.

With the right lessons learned, it makes you a better person both inside and out.


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