Would You Date A Girl Who Is 5’10” In Height Or Taller?

Her height of 5’10” or taller isn’t an issue unless you make it an issue by raising concerns in your mind that have no real merit.

Would You Date A Girl Who Is 5'10" In Height Or Taller?If you can handle her height in an adult and confident manner, why not?

A confident guy who likes the chemistry he has with this girl dates her.

As a shorter guy, should the idea of dating a girl who is 5’10” or taller constantly wear you down mentally, you have a problem.

It’s about how you look at it in your mind.

Your interpretation of all of this.

Being worried that you would be dwarfed by her is a strong sign you shouldn’t date her.

This concern about her height is a reflection of your own internal issues and insecurities.

You shouldn’t date a girl this tall when you are so insecure about your own height or at least your height in comparison to hers.

You should only date her when you accept yourself and you accept her.

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Instead of focusing so much on her height, consider the plethora of qualities she has that are also appealing.

When you focus on her other appealing qualities, it is easier to make her height less and less of an issue.

You realize that amid all that height she is funny.

Amid all that height she has a very quick wit and fantastic banter.

You remember that she has so many similarities in her passions that mirror yours.

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Amid all that height you observe a girl that is able to get you and keep a conversation going with you without you becoming disinterested.

Yes, these are all qualities that this 5’10” girl has.

When you choose to ignore all of these factors and simply focus on her height, you are way too insecure about something.

This doesn’t have much to do with her.

This has more to do with you.

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A confident guy is self-assured.

He knows that even though he is shorter than this girl, he is sure of himself as a person and knows what he wants out of life.

He knows that he is driven and can speak his mind.

He knows that he carries himself well and takes pride in what he has to offer as a person both to himself and to people at large.

When this isn’t who you are, you are better off not dating this 5’10” girl.

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Doing so puts the relationship on a path that leads to heartbreak, as you make her believe that you like her for her, only to crush those aspirations by dumping her due to her height.

Before getting into anything serious with this 5’10” girl, take account of where you stand mentally as a person.

As a shorter guy, any constant anxiety whenever you are standing next to this 5’10” girl is how you know that your insecurities around height are a major factor and you shouldn’t date her.

It isn’t worth it to you or her to waste each other’s time.

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