How Long Should A Guy Wait To Ask A Girl To Be His Girlfriend?

How Long Should A Guy Wait To Ask A Girl To Be His Girlfriend?

You should ask a girl to be your girlfriend when it feels right.

There is no real time frame to this.

It really comes down to how the relationship and your interaction with her has been going up until this point.

You should obviously give it some time.

You shouldn’t be asking her to be your girlfriend after one or two dates or one or two intense phone conversations with her.

This may make you appear desperate to the girl and though she may have enjoyed her interactions with you so far, she chooses to leave you.

Listen, this is one of those questions that really makes guys nervous.

They worry that if they ask too soon, they may appear too desperate and they worry that if they take too long to ask, they may lose the girl.

Your best bet is to give the relationship at least a month or more before you ask her to be your girlfriend.

Try to interact with her as best you can during this time.

Observe how she behaves around you and how comfortable she is with you.

Observe how she responds to your persona and if she has a way of knowing just where you are coming from on certain topics.

Observe just how eager she is to try new activities with you that are out of her comfort zone.

Observe how she talks about you around her family and friends.

Observe how often she wants to communicate and how in depth your conversations often get.

Observe just how much poignant information about herself she is willing to give to you and the significance of what divulging that kind of information means to her.

Observe how often she wants to go out with you and how excited she is on your dates.

Does she respond to your romantic advances?

How often does she want you to hold her hand or hug her?

How invested is she in your dreams and aspirations and how often does she try to support you in accomplishing them?

There is so much you can look for as a guide in helping you know when would be a right moment to ask this girl to be your girlfriend.

In the end, you will be able to take some of these suggestions and deduce how relevant they have been in your relationship with her.

You will be able to tell when there is a lack of enthusiasm on her part.

She won’t make herself available to go on dates as often.

She won’t talk about you often to her friends or family.

She won’t remember conversations that were had between you just recently.

She wouldn’t want to try new activities with you and would rather stick to what she finds comfortable and familiar.

These are all signs that she isn’t looking to be your girlfriend.

Being patient and observant is what will guide you in your current situation.

However, in the end, the time frame isn’t what is most important.

What is most important is how you have been getting along and the vibe you are getting from her.

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