Being A Nice Guy, Why Did I Get Cheated On By My Girlfriend?

Being a nice guy doesn’t preclude you from being cheated on by a girlfriend.

Being A Nice Guy, Why Did I Get Cheated On By My Girlfriend?You have seen a cycle of this in your relationships.

Your past girlfriends cheated on you.

This is where you are choosing the wrong girls, or getting into relationships too quickly.

When you are going for the pretty girl all the time without any true concern for her character, you are doomed to repeat the same cycle, making the wrong choices in who you choose to date.

You have to start taking better care of who you decide to date.

Try to get past the smoke and mirrors of their external appearance and focus on them as personalities.

What kind of a personality are you dealing with?

Do you have in-depth conversations with her?

These give you insight into what she is all about?

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Do you ever observe how she behaves around her friends, family and colleagues?

This is how you learn whether she treats them with respect and altruism.

These are questions that you have to think about before you venture into your next relationship.

You have to be honest with yourself about what you have been doing.

You have to be honest about the possibility that you are getting involved in these relationships based on what you see on the exterior.

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When this is primarily what you focus on and you make no real attempt to get to know the girl on a personal level, you get cheated on again and again, no matter how nice of a guy you are.

Now, let’s talk about the speed in which you get into relationships.

Sometimes, you believe that you just want to be in this relationship because you are both attracted to each other and everything seems to be going well.

Take the time to get to know this girl and have experiences with her.

When you give it time, you get to observe how this girl responds to different scenarios or obstacles in life.

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You are privy to how she comports herself or what her shortcomings are.

Everyone has flaws.

No one is perfect.

With more time spent with a girl before getting into a relationship with her, you get to observe some of hers.

This lets you know whether this is a girl that works well with your own character.

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Thereby, you can actually make an informed decision before you get into a serious relationship with her.

Avoid taking these relationships for granted when you get into them.

A girl cheats on you, believing that you have gotten too comfortable in the relationship and you are no longer trying to make it fun.

She is bored and somewhat repulsed at that.

When someone else shows up that is giving her attention and seems fun, she cheats.

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So, you also need to keep your relationship interesting and never take it for granted.

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