Obsessing Over Everything She Says And Does?

Obsessing Over Everything She Says And Does?

You may need to ask her out and get this over with.

You may be obsessing over everything she says and does because you haven’t taken that next and very important step.

You keep waiting and waiting.

Perhaps you are hoping for the perfect moment. However, there really isn’t a perfect moment.

The problem with waiting for that perfect moment is that when it has seemingly arrived, you will find a way to tell yourself that it isn’t quite right.

You will procrastinate and push it forward yet again.

Listen, the more you delay, the more you will obsess over everything she says and does.

You will keep trying to read into everything she says and does.

You will keep trying to deduce any words or deeds that would show that she is just as into you as you are in her.

You are really hoping that she can feel for you the way you feel for her.

You are desperate to know this and feel this.

There will be moments when it feels like she really gave you some good advances.

You feel like she likes you and wants more from you.

In these moments, you may even tell yourself that you are finally going to take that step and ask her out.

However, not too long after that, she doesn’t give you the same vibes.

All of a sudden, you begin to backtrack.

You were thinking about asking her out.

You may have even picked out when and where you would do it but unfortunately she is now giving you the wrong signs.

You become afraid.

You worry that if you were to tell her about how you feel about her or ask her out, she would tell you she wasn’t interested or give you a no.

Out of fear, you decide to postpone yet again.

This is something that will become an endless cycle if you don’t put a stop to it.

The moment you ask her out and get her answer, it will be easier for you to move forward with your life.

You will find it easier to stop the obsessing regardless of what answer she gives you because you would finally know how she feels about you.

On the flip side of all this, you should also consider the possibility that you are obsessing over everything that she says or does because you have either just recently gotten out of a relationship that ended badly or you have had prior relationships that ended badly.

A big part of why you obsess could be because you worry that if you were to get into a relationship with her, you would fail again or the relationship would end up being like your previous ones.

In order to guard yourself from this, you admire her from afar but are cautious to get involved.

If you are still dealing with emotional issues from a previous relationship that ended badly, you should take some time out for yourself before getting into a new relationship.

Getting into a new relationship without having worked on these emotional issues and resolving them would only put you right back into the same cycle of disappointment and failure.

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