When Is It Appropriate To Add Someone You’re Dating On Facebook?

When Is It Appropriate To Add Someone You're Dating On Facebook?

When it feels right for the both of you.

You shouldn’t assume that you can add this person to your Facebook, being that you are dating them.

You should be respectful of this person’s privacy and ensure that this is something you talk about first.

You know it feels right when there is an elevated level of comfort between you.

You want this person to be a bigger part of your life and you are inspired to show the happiness that you share with this person to the world.

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However, you shouldn’t get carried away.

Jumping too soon at adding this person to your Facebook jeopardizes the relationship you have with this person, when it isn’t done right.

When you are in the building stages of a relationship, adding this person to your Facebook too soon comes off as being too eager or presumptive.

When this person senses that you are being too eager or presumptive, they worry you have already taken the relationship to the next level without their agreement.

They worry you are moving too fast and making assumptions of what the relationship already is.

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This makes them pause and have anxiety.

Furthermore, this is a person who is all too fond of Facebook when it comes to deeply personal issues.

Assuming that everyone is comfortable having all their business out for everyone else to see on Facebook could be to your detriment.

This person prefers being more private and not using Facebook to announce their relationship status to the world or who they are dating.

This is also something that you have to consider.

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Your desires get the best of you and you presume that this person would be just fine with you adding them to Facebook as a person that you are dating.

In your world, you consider that to be perfectly normal.

This isn’t how this person looks at it.

This is a private person.

You should be sensitive to this and not get them involved in something that could make them uneasy.

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You are better off simply taking your time with this person.

Should the chemistry be there and a mutual acknowledgment that you are dating each other exclusively, you can have the talk about adding that person to your Facebook.

The talk shouldn’t feel like the person has no choice in the matter.

You shouldn’t come off as though this person has to give you a yes.

The person shouldn’t feel pressure.

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It should be more of a quick request asking for the person’s permission.

It is up to that person to decide whether they are comfortable with it.

They just might, but aren’t prepared to be added to your Facebook at this time.

In this case, you should not stay on the topic.

Move on.

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Don’t bring it up anymore.

If or when this person is ready for you to add them to Facebook, they will let you know.


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