Ex Said He Hasn’t Been As Close To Anyone As With Me. Was He Being Serious?

Ex Said He Hasn't Been As Close To Anyone As With Me. Was He Being Serious?

If your ex told you that he hasn’t been as close to anyone as with you, he may have been serious.

A good way to tell if he is being serious or not is by thinking back to how he treated you as his girlfriend, how he confided in you and how he may now talk about you to others.

When you were in a relationship with him, if you recall that he tended to spend a lot of time with you, this is especially telling.

When he spent this much time with you, he was showing that he wanted to be with you and no one else.

There was a significant part of him that wanted to be there so that he could have those moments with you.

To take this even further, if during your relationship he would constantly invite you to go on one on one adventures with him, he was showing a strong sign of closeness.

By doing this, he wanted to have those experiences with you so that he could hold on to a special memory.

In terms of remembering how he confided in you, you will have to think back to the kind of conversations you used to have with him.

Did he often talk about personal issues that he would not tell just about anybody else about?

Did he tell you about some of the things that have helped shape him in becoming who he is today?

These stories will often contain elements of struggle and perhaps even fear and weakness.

When a guy is willing to confide in you about what he fears or some negative experiences he may have had in the past, he is letting his guard down.

This is a very big deal for a guy.

Guys are often taught that they have to be the strong one in a relationship.

They are taught that to talk about issues that would make them seem weak is not indicative of their role as the strong male in the relationship.

They would then become closed off because they don’t want to let their guard down.

However, if he had opened up to you about several personal issues, he was showing you that he trusted you and he felt a closeness to you.

In terms of how he currently talks about you to others, he may be constantly talking about how amazing you are.

In essence, he may really be full of praise for you.

His friends, colleagues and family may be hearing so much about how amazing you are as a person on a regularly basis.

When a guy spends this much time and energy praising his ex, he is showing that he is still very much enamored by his ex.

He is showing that you are someone who is still constantly in his thoughts and thereby in his speech.

The effect you had on him as his girlfriend has clearly not worn off.

If it had, he wouldn’t mention you much, if at all.

Thereby, if you are still somewhat acquainted with your ex’s circle of friends, family or colleagues and you have heard them mention how he still raves about you and your personality, there is a good chance that your ex was being serious when he told you that he hasn’t been as close to anyone as with you.

It’s just important to not get too caught up in what your ex is saying until you have gathered a decent amount of evidence.

You should try not to fall into the trap of thinking that your ex’s words were sincere simply because you want it to be true so bad.

This will only cause you to want to get back with your ex prematurely.

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